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Kelly Boyd, Senior VP of Healthcare Operations

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May 14, 2019

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Kelly Boyd, Senior VP of Healthcare Operations

Meet Kelly Boyd, our Senior Vice President of Healthcare Operations. As a long-standing employee, she oversees technical operations, project management, clinical operations, account management, technology and integrations and content management.

  • Technical Operations
  • Project Management
  • Clinical Operations
  • Account Management
  • Technology & Integrations
  • Content Management

What is your role at SONIFI Health?

My team is responsible for bringing our solutions to life for our clients and then supporting them as they apply those solutions to their goals going forward.

What common questions or concerns do you hear from clients?

Prospective clients often ask, ‘How many resources do we have to hire to operate and support the solution?’ It takes several reference calls to convince them that they don’t need to hire anyone. We know our clients are focused on delivering quality healthcare to their patients, we work very hard to prevent our solutions from being disruptive to that mission.

What surprises clients about SONIFI Health?

We often hear that the implementation was easier than expected and that operationally the system took far less effort to manage than anticipated. I think, though, the biggest surprise for clients is the ease in which we integrate with other systems. We have a talented and creative team of engineers and architects that simplify the application of technology—both our own technology and others. Clients will ask “if” something is possible when it comes to technology integration. The answer is, of course, yes and it is rarely as difficult as it is perceived.

Do you have a favorite project or memorable challenge?

I really love the people I get to work with including clients, partners, my own team members and even our competitors. We may be technology focused but everything is still about the relationships we build. I get to hear stories about the impact our solutions have on real patients and their family members and that is why we do what we do every day.

Any advice for a facility or health system considering bringing interactive technology to its patients?

I don’t believe there is a care facility out there that can’t achieve tangible benefits from solutions like ours in terms of improvements in patient experience, staff efficiencies and health outcomes. There is a formula for success—Clients need a clear vision and a clear owner. That’s not a secret formula though. That’s the key to success in almost anything—know what you want and hold yourself accountable.

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