Digital whiteboards

Clearer communications with less busywork

Patients want to know what’s going on.

With EHR-integrated digital whiteboards from SONIFI Health, you can make complex healthcare information easy for patients to understand, while eliminating redundant tasks from nursing workflows and laying the groundwork for more impactful and effective care experiences.

See digital whiteboard features

Dynamic patient-aware displays that benefit both patients & clinicians

Multiple display formats to fit your needs

Our digital whiteboards can be configured as standalone screens or as part of your interactive TV system.

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Take another look at your patient care boards—they could be better.

Customizations to engage your patients

  • Unit-specific interfaces (mother-baby, pediatrics, rehabilitation, etc.)
  • EHR-integrated widgets with adjustable interfaces & layouts
  • Adjustable screen brightness & night mode
  • Branding & color schemes to align with your marketing strategies

Automations from integrated digital whiteboards have real impact

9 hrs

saved per day for clinicians


more education completions


in salary savings over 5 years

We listened to hospital staff and users to develop our digital whiteboards.

Over the years, new functionalities and interfaces have been driven by customer innovation partners, patient and family advisory councils (PFACs), and data insights.

With SONIFI Health’s digital whiteboards, you can keep patients informed and confident, encouraging them to take an active role in their healing journey, while also giving your nurses more time to focus on bedside care.

More effective & beneficial patient whiteboards

Get real-world insights and recommendations from clinical, patient experience, and technology experts about how you can improve the care boards in patient rooms