Digital whiteboard

Keep patients & families informed with EHR-integrated and fully automated whiteboard updates

Automations improve information accuracy

Keep patients and families informed with fully automated, EHR-integrated whiteboard updates. Designed to provide personalized and timely information that empowers patients, this digital display requires no additional workflow intervention from staff. Better informed patients and improved efficiency results in increased satisfaction all around.

Patient benefits

The digital whiteboard is a model for hospital technology — doing a task
better, faster, at less cost, with more connection between patients and staff.

Digital Whiteboards
  • Important care team & schedule info are always in view
  • Automated updates ensure timeliness & accuracy
  • Displays personalized goals to encourage patient engagement
  • Data is presented with patient privacy in mind
  • Visual prompts improve education completion

Hospital benefits

The EHR-integrated digital whiteboard automatically presents the most current
data available in the medical record and other hospital systems.

Nurses update digital patient whiteboards by updating EHR records

Staff saved nearly 9 hours per day not manually updating whiteboards

(Per 22 bed unit/24 hour period)

  • Displaying the status of assigned video education increased the rate of assignments made & improved completion ratios by 20%
  • Dietary requirements & meal ordering reminders empower patients to order meals without nurse interaction
  • Eliminates hand-copying, finding markers & board cleaning

A standard 100-bed digital whiteboard implementation can be expected to deliver a positive return on investment in Year 1

These digital care boards provide our patients and their families with information that is specific to the patient in a simple, accessible format. Because they interface with CareConnect, the boards also save time for nurses and other caregivers, who won’t have to manually update the information.

Kathi Cox SVP Integrated Experience, Texas Health Resources

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