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February 5, 2018

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Did you know SONIFI Health has several full-time clinicians on staff? No, they are not in the office monitoring blood pressures or managing safety protocols for assembling hard drives—they spend most of their time at hospitals. We design our solutions to improve patient experience and health outcomes—that’s only possible when nurses are involved.

We’re serious about our goal to support the core missions of our clients. Every hospital or clinic has its own strengths and challenges, so our clinical team is key to helping facilities make workflow and content choices that best benefit a facility or unit. They even do onsite observation studies and make recommendations for maximizing a patient engagement solution.

Our clinical staff are also responsible for providing excellent user training. They develop custom sessions and reference materials based on how the facility features and how the system will be used at each location. Our clinical staff have worked on the floors in the same types of environments as those they train, so they are able teach from a peer perspective with a reality of the balance between patient needs and increasing demands on those providing care.

And we rely on our clinical staff to keep everyone at SONIFI Health current on how the changes in healthcare impact the day-to-day life in hospitals and if there might be ways our system can help. They do a lot of research and frequently talk with nurses and administrators and we find their knowledge and experience quite valuable.

Get to know our clinical staff and listen to their perspectives.

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