Entertainment & positive distraction

Comforting content when patients need it most

Reduce patient stress & anxiety

Soothing positive distraction and the familiar comforts of home can go a long way in helping a patient relax.

Studies show that positive distraction in healthcare settings can reduce anxiety, stress, and pain perception. Offering patients a variety of quality entertainment options gives them a sense of control and autonomy to choose the content and outlets they want.


SONIFI Health can help you provide entertaining, relaxing & captivating content.

Familiar TV programming

Provide the channels and content patients are used to seeing on TV with a configurable channel lineup from DIRECTV.

  • Quality HD entertainment, sports & local channels
  • Include the channels your patients & visitors want most
  • Scalable to fit your specific needs, with minimal hardware
  • Mobile option available for areas not serviced by a TV


STAYCAST Streaming

Streaming favorite apps

With STAYCAST, patients use their own personal device to securely stream content from thousands of apps to the in-room TV.

  • Movies, shows & videos patients are used to watching at home
  • Games, music & more are easily accessible in favorite apps
  • App content displays in the patient’s native language
  • No personal credentials are entered on the TV

The best movies

With SONIFI Health’s movie selections, it’s free for patients to choose films from several genres to watch any time during their stay.




Relaxation & ambience

SONIFI Health offers digital content designed to help calm and soothe patients.

  • Relaxation channel
    High-definition nature content
  • Motivational channel
    Soothing images with positive quotes
  • Noise suppression
    A selection of ambient sounds
  • Music playlists
    Thousands of songs in 9 genres
  • Spiritual content
    5 religions & general spirituality


SONIFI Health offers an engaging lineup of comics, puzzles & games on our tablet solution


Custom channels

SONIFI Health can set up open channels for your location to load custom content that can be updated as often as needed, without entering individual rooms.

Videos & live feeds

  • Virtual pet therapy
  • Breathing exercises
  • Book readings
  • Aquarium or zoo cams
  • Events (music, worship, etc.)

Images & messages

  • Artwork & paintings
  • Calming photographs
  • Encouraging support
  • Greetings from staff
  • Jokes & trivia

Download more ideas

The experts in entertainment

With the consumerization of healthcare, more and more patients are looking for hospitality-like experiences. Which happens to be our expertise.

  • For more than 40 years, SONIFI has been the premier entertainment content provider in hospitality settings
  • Our exclusive partnerships with the best in the business mean you get the best entertainment options
  • 1 million rooms around the world have SONIFI’s interactive & entertainment solutions
  • Our expertise in both RF & IP infrastructures means we can help any type of facility for wired or wireless distribution needs

Our team is ready to consult with you on what positive distraction content and entertainment outlets would be best for your patient demographics, budget and organizational goals.

The best entertainment & positive distraction

Ready to learn more about how SONIFI Health can help comfort patients when they need it most?