Children’s Hospitals

Solutions that cater to pediatric patients & families

Familiar & effective technology

Create meaningful care experiences with children, their families & your staff
Comforts of home

Help soothe anxiety and stress with comforting entertainment that appeals to children’s personal preferences.


Clear communications

Provide timely information on engaging, patient-aware displays that update automatically.

Building rapport 

Share relatable personal details on digital whiteboardsinteractive TVs and digital door signs.


Caregiver support

Keep parents involved with easy access to care planning, education, surveys and request features.

SONIFI Health’s solutions are designed to be customized to your brand, your patients and your organization’s goals.

Custom user interfaces with age-appropriate designs

Personalized displays automatically update with EHR, Active Directory & ADT integrations

Positive distraction to comfort children

Simplified menus can elevate easy access to entertainment options

  • Familiar television programming from DIRECTV
  • Library of on-demand kids movies & programs
  • Music & relaxation content for children
  • Streaming solution for viewing movies, shows, games & videos from favorite apps
  • Livestreams & custom videos
  • Real-time request features for in-room concierge services

Pediatric & caregiver education

Patient education videos created for children & their families

  • Curated content from a variety of education vendors
  • Custom-produced & licensed third-party education titles
  • Multilingual education content for improved health literacy
  • Strategies & best practices from our clinical education team

SONIFI Health is honored to support leading children’s hospitals around the country.


Why pediatric hospitals choose SONIFI Health 


With more than 500 million end users serviced annually, our collaborative approach and professional expertise is proven to support your success at scale.

Walk through what a patient sees

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