Mobile solutions

Engaging patients on their own mobile devices or hospital-provided tablets

Flexible app supports your mobile strategy

Hospital Tablet Patient Engagement Platform

Whether you’re seeking to leverage patient smartphones, offer a bedside tablet, or both, our solution facilitates a robust suite of services and secure communication between mobile devices and the hospital systems.

  • Compatible with Android & iOS
  • Operates independently or syncs with in-room tv
  • Enables mobile TV controls & education
  • Integrates with EHR, HVAC, dietary & more


Robust patient engagement platform extension

Mobile / BYOD

White label enterprise app

Powers provider-branded apps that are compatible with Android devices with version 4.4+ & devices with iOS version 11+

Hospital Integrations

Hospital integrations

Integrate with your EMR for education, dietary for meal ordering, HVAC for temperature controls & environmental systems like shades & lights all via a mobile app


Compatible with STAYCAST streaming

Enable patients to securely stream their content & subscriptions such as Netflix & Hulu with SONIFI’s streaming solution, STAYCAST – powered by Google Chromecast

Patient mobile – bring your own device

Education, iTV controls, room automations, web portals and more are all accessible via an easy-to-navigate mobile app.

Enable patients the ability to use their personally owned mobile devices to access hospital services and interactive features of the SONIFI Health interactive TV solution.

Patient Mobile – Bring Your Own Device
Hospital Tablet

Hospital tablet

A hospital’s tablet can operate independently or be used seamlessly with the in-room interactive television.

  • Controlling behavior on the TV with the tablet, patients have full control of their interactive options
  • The tablet & TV are synced so patients are able to push movies & educational videos from the tablet to the TV
  • Easily switch between the tablet & TV to seamlessly resume education or entertainment

SONIFI Health’s mobile solution offers a great option for customers who want to provide a native, touch interactive experience on both hospital and patient-provided devices, safely and securely.

Brad Storm, VP Technology & Integrations, SONIFI Health Brad Storm VP Technology & Integrations, SONIFI Health

SONIFI at home

Offer a more seamless experience for your patients — via a link in your existing portal or leveraging SONIFI Health’s portal — to access education, relevant documents and appointment reminders from home.

  • EMR portal integration
  • Pre-admission & post-discharge education
  • Automated email or text notifications & unique messages
  • More communication supports satisfaction & reduced readmissions
  • Dashboard & reporting offers easy information management, education assignment & status monitoring


Looking for a mobile strategy that’s right for your health system?

SONIFI Health can help you define and implement your patient-facing mobile strategy.