Mobile solutions

Engaging patients on their own mobile devices or hospital-provided tablets

Extend your patient engagement strategies to familiar mobile devices.

Whether it’s leveraging patient smartphones, bedside tablets, or both, SONIFI Health’s white-label app can support your organization’s mobile strategy.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, our solutions for BYOD and hospital-provided devices can integrate with your EHR, HVAC, and other systems to provide a convenient way for patients to access to care information, helpful services, and on-site amenities.

Integrated features for a personalized, easy-to-use bedside tool

The mobile app can operate independently or in sync with the in-room interactive TV

Adaptive controls give patients more autonomy.

Every patient should have access to the same smart room features, regardless of mobility or dexterity issues. That’s why SONIFI Health developed accessibility features with our mobile app for more equitable access to patient technology.

The mobile app itself helps patients easily navigate interactive systems and adjust smart environmental controls with familiar technology, whether it’s their own device or one provided by your hospital.

Patients requiring alternative options can also use voice commands and switch controllers, like a sip-and-puff device or push button, to navigate and select features in the mobile app.

You can improve patient satisfaction with SONIFI Health’s approach to giving patients the most user-friendly mobile options to access in-room features, care information, and on-site amenities.

Improve patient engagement by syncing with the TV.

While our mobile app can be used independently, it’s even more beneficial when paired with a SONIFI Health interactive TV system.

Patients can have full control of how they want to interact with the in-room technology when you offer them both a traditional pillow speaker as well as their own phone (BYOD) or a tablet you provide to access the features.

This gives them choices and additional touchpoints to encourage active involvement during their stay.

When the BYOD or tablet solution is synced with the TV, patients are able to seamlessly switch between the mobile device and TV to start or resume movies, entertainment, and education videos.

Looking for a mobile strategy that’s right for your health system?

SONIFI Health can help you define and implement your patient-facing mobile strategy.