Acute care hospitals

SONIFI Health is the patient engagement partner you’ve been looking for

At your hospital, patients expect excellent medical care.

But they also want to feel informed, calm, and personally cared for throughout their stay—while your clinicians want less busy-work and more time to focus on direct patient care.

That’s where SONIFI Health can help.

Our patient engagement solutions are:

Our technology is an innovative, integrated, and thoughtfully designed suite of solutions.

Interactive TV

Interactive TVs

provide patients easy access to the care information, entertainment, and updates they want most during their stay

Digital whiteboards

automate tasks to give nurses more time for bedside care, and present details that empower patients to engage in their care plan

Patient Engagement Platform

Mobile apps & APIs

extend the platform’s features onto familiar technology, including patients’ own devices (BYOD) or hospital-provided tablets

Digital patient door signs

give staff the most critical information at a glance to improve safety, patient interactions, and care coordination

Digital signs

effectively connect with people throughout your facilities with engaging visuals on public area signs, wayfinding solutions, donor walls, and video displays

Analytics & insights

guide ongoing optimizations based on your system use and patient data to achieve the outcomes that matter most to you

We help you achieve the outcomes and benchmarks that matter most to your hospital.

Your success is our mission.

SONIFI Health is more than a technology and service platform. We’re a team dedicated to creating exceptional healthcare experiences with you. We provide the support you want and the service you deserve — all without adding any new FTEs on your end.

Successful implementations | Effective staff training | CPXP nursing leadership | Executive partnerships | 24/7 technical support

See the patient’s journey

Watch how your hospital can deliver personalized, modern, and effective technology experiences, while also giving your clinicians more time to focus on direct patient care.