Improve quality & safety

Solutions to drive quality and safety with responsive, real-time technology

Drive quality through real-time technology

Our system allows patients to deliver direct feedback and service requests so you can drive continuous quality improvements as well as handle near real-time service recovery.

Smart room features can help to prevent avoidable injuries and penalties — for example, by allowing patients to control room temperature via the TV interface and avoid getting out of bed.


A 10% reduction in falls with injury
saves $550,995 per 200 beds.

Cost Analysis of a Falls-Prevention Program Study

Reduce staff burnout through workflow efficiencies & useful automations

Let technology work for you, and not the other way around.

Reduce busy work for your valuable clinical teams and refocus their efforts on care that matters.

  • Interactive TV with integrated meal ordering, patient requests and on-demand education improves workflow.
  • Digital whiteboards provide the most up-to-date information while eliminating copy time and errors.
  • Digital door signs display actionable patient data in real-time to notify staff and improve outcomes.

reduction in time spent providing education materials

Data provided from a hospital in La Crosse, WI
2 hours

per shift of workflow efficiencies that could then be used for direct care

Data provided from a hospital in Phoenix, AZ.
Reducing Health System Variance

Reducing variance across your health system

Standardize the patient experience and improve quality with a consistent implementation across systems. SONIFI Health is proud to be implemented system-wide with many leading health systems across the country.

Experience the hospitality effect

with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solutions