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Capturing and retaining patients who have choices in an era of healthcare consumerization

Relaxation Options

Deliver comfort & care when patients need it most

SONIFI Health’s technology is designed specifically to appeal to patients, giving them easy and intuitive access to information, updates, and conveniences during their stay.

Our UX-driven interfaces are customizable to your brand and patient population to help empower them in their care, and provide comfort when and where they need it most.


of patients prefer to order meals through the TV

5 acute care facilities (100+ patients)

opted to fill their prescriptions with the hospital pharmacy

The Christ Hospital – Cincinnati, OH

overall patient satisfaction with the SONIFI Health platform

Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Boston, MA

Modernize to meet today’s consumer expectations

Offering patients access to Netflix and the streaming apps they’re used to at home, integrating sensors, or leveraging Amazon Alexa: with the right partner, these are all possibilities within your health system.

The value of entertainment shouldn’t be overlooked. When a patient has lost control, the TV can be a positive distraction. Patients and families benefit from being able to distract their minds, even if for a short time, from what is typically a very stressful time. We’ve observed improved satisfaction, reduced anxiety, and a more positive hospital experience overall.

Vanessa Mona, Director of Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System Vanessa Mona Director of Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System

Experience the hospitality effect

with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solutions