Rehabilitation hospitals

Technology that empowers patients

in their care plan, recovery, independence & autonomy

Improve patient experience, satisfaction & care

The patient experience at a rehabilitation hospital is unique to any other healthcare setting. SONIFI Health’s interactive patient engagement system is designed to support your specific patient needs, as well as your staff priorities and system goals.

  • Customized to fit your brand identity & mission
  • Integrated with accessible options for adaptive users
  • Personalized to activate & engage patients in their care
  • Automated to streamline tasks & free up clinical time
  • Designed to give patients a sense of control & autonomy


Adaptive controls for more autonomy

Every patient should have access to the same in-room technology features, regardless of mobility or dexterity issues. That’s why SONIFI Health’s platform integrates with adaptive mobile, switch and voice controls.


With SONIFI Health’s mobile app, patients can use their own personal devices or a hospital-provided tablet to access to the same patient engagement features that are available through the SONIFI Health interactive TV system

  • Familiar technology, communications & ease of use
  • Operates independently or syncs with in-room system for updates & controls
  • Alternative access to the system increases engagement


An iOS integration allows patients to navigate and select options in the mobile app using:

  • Switch controller hardware
  • Sip-and-puff
  • Buddy button


When voice accessibility is turned on, our iOS mobile app allows patients to:

  • Use scrolling commands to navigate the features
  • Select options by speaking a number that corresponds to the app’s numbered display
SONIFI Health at Brooks Rehabilitation

“SONIFI Health’s reliable, efficient and user-friendly technology is a perfect fit to help deliver on our mission.”

— Michael Spigel, Brooks Rehabilitation President & COO

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In-room interactive TVs

Provide your patients easy access to the information they need, the services you offer & the features that will elevate their experience


A personalized, user-driven experience

By integrating with your EHR and other systems, our interactive TVs create welcoming, engaging experiences with personalized interfaces that update in real time.

Patients can have easy and clear access to their specific:

  • Assigned care team’s names, roles, photos & bios
  • Schedule of appointments & therapy sessions
  • Daily goals, care plans, pain scores & screenings
  • Education about their condition, medications & recovery
  • Food & drink menus, meal schedules & ordering systems

The comforts of home when patients need it most

Patients are likely to be at your rehab hospital for longer periods of time. We can help provide outlets to help them pass the time and focus on something enjoyable with quality entertainment and positive distraction options.

  • Familiar TV programming with curated channel lineups
  • Secure streaming of their favorite apps to the in-room TV
  • Movies from several genres to watch anytime for free
  • Music playlists, ambient sounds & noise suppression
  • Spiritual, relaxation & motivational content

Showcase what’s important to you

Use customizable features and open channels on the interactive TV for:

  • Creating a welcoming patient orientation experience
  • Promoting the amenities & services you have on site
  • Sharing patient stories & staff spotlights
  • Reinforcing your brand identity & loyalty
  • Broadcasting live feeds & special events
  • Preparing patients for successful outcomes post-discharge

Create better experiences with real-time insights from your patients

Set up automatic triggers for staff when immediate action is needed for patient safety, satisfaction or care.

Use patient surveys to get feedback on:

  • Care interactions: nurses, physicians, specialists
  • Additional support: therapy, case management, social services
  • Personal needs: emotional, educational, spiritual, financial
  • Dietary services: menu, ordering, timing, food quality

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Automate dispatches with patient requests for:

  • Direct connections: housekeeping, chaplain, patient advocate
  • Bedside activities: art supplies, books, integrative therapies
  • Concierge services: snacks, blankets, toiletries, on-site shopping
  • Follow-up discussions: at-home care plan, discharge planning, medications

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Integration-driven automations simplify workflows & free up time for your staff to focus on direct patient care
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Why rehabilitation hospitals choose SONIFI Health

Our collaborative approach and professional expertise is proven to help you achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.

Let’s enhance what a rehab patient’s experience can be

We’d love to show you how SONIFI Health’s platform can complement the amazing work your rehabilitation hospital is doing, while also elevating what a patient’s stay can look like.