About SONIFI Health

Experiencing the hospitality effect with healthcare technology

Every healthcare experience centers around: “How do you feel?”

At SONIFI Health, we believe healthcare technology should do the same.

Any new patient engagement system in your organization needs to go beyond simply addressing: “What does it do?”

Instead, there should be a meaningful answer to: “How does it make you feel?”

That’s the difference SONIFI Health can bring—because we know healthcare is hospitality.

In your care, patients want to feel seen and heard.

SONIFI Health complements your bedside care by extending that feeling of being understood and cared for even when clinicians aren’t in the room.

It’s giving them the information they need in a way they understand. It’s providing the comforts they want most. It’s anticipating their needs by being prescriptive in answering the questions you know they’ll have, and pointing them to the services you know they’ll want to access most.

With SONIFI Health, the technology you put in front of patients can reinforce your commitment to whole-person care, and be something they remember about the experience you created for them.

Technology should support your clinicians, not add to their workloads.

With reliable integrations and thoughtfully designed interfaces, SONIFI Health can make things easier for your staff to do their actual jobs. Automations get rid of tedious tasks and give them time to practice at the top of their skills and expertise.

We also have teams of experts who work alongside your staff to continue to streamline tasks, incorporate best practices, and adapt your system to what your patients need.

Because SONIFI Health is here to help your healers heal your patients.

Creating truly impactful healthcare experiences doesn’t need to fall entirely to you.

We know it takes a holistic perspective, consistency, trust, and a lot of dedication to big-picture strategies to change patient care for the better.

SONIFI Health can be part of your team, working behind the scenes so everything your clinicians, patients, families, visitors, and staff see just works. And works well.

We believe being a good partner means delivering promises made, anticipating your needs and exceeding your expectations, evolving and growing with you, and being someone you’re proud and excited to work with.

We understand hospitality as an experience, and as an industry.

We know our technology and people can accomplish what you need because it’s what we’ve been doing for 20 years in healthcare, and for 40 years in hospitality.


With backgrounds in healthcare technology, clinical care, hospitality, and more, we have the best people to guide the future of effective patient engagement technology strategies.


SONIFI Health is a subsidiary of SONIFI Solutions, Inc., a B2B company that has been simplifying and improving technology for the healthcare, hospitality, and commercial industries since 1980.


Our solutions are built to lead healthcare organizations toward better patient care and outcomes. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, and have been successful in year after year.

You’re in good company.

SONIFI Health is trusted by hundreds of healthcare sites nationwide. We’re proud to serve prestigious health systems and IDNs, specialty care centers, and other healthcare facilities, large and small.


We believe in transforming what healthcare experiences can be.

We believe in the extraordinary work you do. And we hope you believe in us, too, and our commitment to supporting your clinicians’ needs, your patients’ satisfaction, and your organization’s goals.

That’s SONIFI Health. Because it’s time to see what you can do with hospitality-infused healthcare technology.

Experience the hospitality effect with SONIFI Health