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Bob Gruenwald, Director of Technical Operations

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Bob Gruenwald, Director of Technical Operations

Meet Bob Gruenwald, our Director of Technical Operations. He leads SONIFI Health’s technical project management team responsible for planning and coordinating all aspects of the physical installation of the hardware used to deliver SONIFI Health’s services.

  • Leads Technical Project Management Team
  • Assists Healthcare Facilities with Hardware Selection and Service Distribution Strategies
  • Coordinates Physical Installation of Hardware
  • Develops and Maintains Hardware Vendor Relationships

What is your role at SONIFI Health?

I have the privilege of supporting the best technology implementation team in the business. My team works with our suppliers, engineers, warehouse, manufacturing, and more than 200 field technicians and subcontractors who are responsible for installing and supporting SONIFI Health’s solutions in healthcare facilities.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy drawing, painting, singing, fishing, camping, woodworking, teaching, repairing things to learn how they were made, and doing my part to be the best husband, father, friend and neighbor I can be.

What common questions or feedback do you hear from clients?

The main comments I get weeks, months or even years after install are how pleased clients are with the reliability of the product and how much they like their local SONIFI service technician—most will refer to their technician by first name.

What is it like to manage the parts behind the walls and physical pieces needed to implement a facility-wide solution?

The devil is always in the details and mistakes can be costly. It’s important to keep your eyes and mind open to be able to form a plan with the best chance for success. It’s important to remember to zoom in for a closer look and to zoom out for a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Any advice for a facility or health system considering bringing interactive technology to its patients?

Technology implementation is successful when it does what it designed to do every hour of every day from the moment it is placed into service until the moment it is removed from service. Choose a partner with the resource depth you will need to help you support and manage your technology throughout its lifespan.

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