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Andy Anderson, Director of Product Management

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Andy Anderson, Director of Product Management

Meet Andy Anderson, our Director of Product Management. He leads product strategy and development by leveraging new technology for the healthcare setting.

  • Product strategy and development
  • Leveraging new technology for
    healthcare settings
  • Migrating consumer trends to patient care
  • Solving client technology needs

What is your role at SONIFI Health?

I am the Director of Product Management for SONIFI Health. My goal is to provide products that solve problems for the healthcare industry, increase patient engagement and keep SONIFI Health on the leading edge of technology and integrations.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spare time? Besides spending as much time as I can with my wife and 3 kids, I am a member of the SD Air National Guard, an active board member for our local Project Management Institute chapter, a den leader for Cub Scouts, and I have a small woodworking business.

What surprises clients about SONIFI Health?

Our ability to deliver on our promise. We have some of the brightest engineers, account managers, field service and call center technicians around.

What are the challenges of bringing technology to a healthcare setting?

It’s ever changing. Our goal is to provide an infrastructure that continues to work seamlessly as the needs of your organization and the patients you serve inevitability change over time.

Where is a good starting place for a hospital wanting to bring interactive technology to its patients?

Identify a need and form a cross departmental team to understand individual needs and interview a range of patients around usability. The best products come from collaboration and passion.

What do you consider when designing products for patients?

I never forget the problem we are solving – workflow inefficiencies, patient engagement, patient experience scores, etc. I also remember our users are often sick patients that likely just want to go home. Make it simple, engaging, and fulfill a need for our clients and their patients.

What are some technology trends healthcare settings should not ignore?

Technology like mobile, casting, voice, and wearables are becoming
the norm in the residential space. Everything is connected and this concept will become an expectation in hospitals. Integrations will be essential to connect all the different pieces of this puzzle.

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