Administrative outcomes & ROI

Bringing immediate value to your patients, your staff and your hospital’s bottom line

Boost HCAHPS scores

Interactive technology encourages better, more frequent and measurable communication strategies resulting in a quality patient experience and higher HCAHPS.

Boost HCAHPS Scores

Medication education

Medication Education scores saw the highest impact with a 7.10% average increase. The integrated solution facilitated more efficient education assignments and enabled patients to learn at their own pace.

Overall improvement

The Overall Rating score increased an average of 5.36%. This demonstrates that patients feel they have a good experience in hospitals with interactive engagement solutions.


6 of 9 hospitals improved their Hospital Recommended score from below state and national averages to above them in less than 12 months.


Manage & reduce length of stay


Raise reimbursements. Decrease penalties.

Technology can help set expectations and chart a journey to discharge — a shared milestone for providers and patients. Ensure compliance post-discharge with education and reminders for patients at home.

Nearly 25% of patients do not fill their prescriptions after hospital discharge.

Boost compliance & ROI with meds-to-beds

Meds-to-beds for fewer readmissions

A significant number of patients who leave the hospital without their medications don’t ever fill their prescriptions. Meds-to-beds programs improve medication compliance and reduce readmissions.

Savings averaged $2,140 per each 30-day readmission prevented.


Interactive prompts to increase ROI

Prompting patients to enroll in the meds-to-beds program via the TV has proven to increase patient opt-in levels. Higher participation results in multiple revenue gains for the healthcare system.

55% of patients filled their Rx via the interactive TV before being discharged.

Experience the hospitality effect

with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solutions