Digital patient door signs

Empower staff to provide the best care

Your door signs need attention.

Make sure the most important and accurate care information is available to your staff with digital door signs from SONIFI Health.

Mounted directly outside patient doors, safety remains top of mind with prominent visual reminders that update automatically thanks to integrations with your EHR.

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Reflect the quality of your care & brand

Multiple sizes, configurations & enclosure options

Your clinicians deserve all the support they can get.

When nurses are tasked with manually posting status papers and safety precautions, it takes time away from patient care and leaves room for human error.

With data pulled directly from your EHR, updates are made automatically—easing staff stress by saving them time, while also making sure they always have accurate details for every patient at a glance.


How door signs can lead to better, faster, safer care

Improve patient care, safety, and staff coordination.

At SONIFI Health, we collaborate with you to design door signs that help empower your staff with the critical information they need most before they enter a patient’s room.

By going digital with your patient door signs, SONIFI Health can help give your staff more bandwidth to focus on doing what they do best.

Better, faster, safer care

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