Digital door sign

Empower your care teams to deliver the best care from their first step into a patient room


Critical information where it’s needed most

Digital door signs are mounted directly outside patients’ doorways, displaying pertinent details pulled directly from your EHR system. The information incorporated onto the signs can eliminate the need to manually post status papers, isolation cards and precaution signs by each room. Displaying care team members helps simplify shift changes and coordinate care more efficiently.

Relevant details in clear view


These wall-mounted signs create a streamlined and uncluttered look for your units. Displayed information can include:

  • Patient information

MRN or preferred name, privacy flag & preferred language

  • Care team

Up to four employee listings

  • Alerts & precautions

Isolation status, NPO, fall risk & allergies

  • Room information

Room number & unit name

  • Date & time

EHR integration streamlines data


Up-to-date information

Automatic updates ensure staff always have accurate details for every patient

Installation & Support

Seamless shift changes

Save time & simplify care coordination by displaying the details staff need at a glance


Patient safety

Displayed alerts are instant visual reminders for your staff, keeping patient safety top of mind

SONIFI Health’s digital door signs display the most important patient information where it’s needed most. These signs empower staff with critical information before they enter the patient’s room.

Andy Anderson Andy Anderson Director of Product Management, SONIFI Health

EHR-integrated digital signage

Ensure staff always have accurate details for every patient.