Interactive televisions

The hub for what patients need & want most in their room

Patient room TVs are for more than channel surfing.

With SONIFI Health’s interactive televisions, you can provide a solution that anticipates needs and exceeds expectations.

Our interactive TV system encourages active patient engagement with bedside access to education, positive distraction, and communication tools. It also creates automations that eliminate redundant tasks from workflows so nurses can get back to nursing.

And with data-driven optimizations, it raises the bar for patient experience and staff satisfaction.

Support quality care with features that are approachable and effective.

Our interfaces are designed around real patient behavior.

We analyze who’s using the interactive TV and how they’re using it, then continually adapt your system to give patients the best user experience.

  • Configurations tailored to specific units & demographics
  • Simple navigation with intuitive pathways
  • Gentle nudges to encourage activity & agency
  • Features to address patient needs & wants
  • Elevated content based on your priorities

Dozens of third-party integrations are available for your interactive TVs.

Patient care boards can be incorporated into the interactive TV interfaces, or they can be designed as standalone digital whiteboards that connect with your interactive TV.

Reduce patient stress and anxiety with comforting content.

Live TV programming | On-demand movies | Secure streaming | Relaxation content | Custom channels

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SONIFI Health has the expertise, scalability, and proven success you need.

We customize the interactive TV system to fit your organization’s specialty, environment, and patient population—with people here to support you every step of the way.


It’s much more than a TV.

SONIFI Health’s interactive television system is designed to make patients feel empowered and want to engage during their stay. To meet them where they are with what they want. To prepare them for better healing and health outcomes.

To become something they’re glad they had in the room, and something they remember about the experience you created for them.

But most of all, to become an integral part of what exceptional healthcare can be.

An extension of your care & organization

See how interactive TVs from SONIFI Health can support the people and priorities that matter most to you.