Analytics & insights

Optimizing technology to best serve your patients

Data isn’t worth anything until you do something with it.

That’s why our insights portal is much more than a comprehensive, in-depth look at who your patients are and how they’re using your SONIFI Health system.

It’s the basis for conversations with your staff and SONIFI Health consultants about what impact your patient technology is having, and what can be done to make it even better.

Get data about your SONIFI Health platform anytime with our insights portal.

The insights portal starts with an executive overview of your system and its use.

All data can be filtered by location, unit, patient age, and other demographics. Additional dashboards give you a closer look at:

  • Education assignments & completion rates
  • Which features your patients access & how they navigate there
  • Entertainment & positive distraction that patients choose
  • When & how long patients watch live & custom TV channels
  • The technical status & health of your system

SONIFI Health provides ongoing insights for optimization based on your system analytics & patient data

What you do with data makes the difference between a report and a strategy.

And creating data-driven strategies are what drive us.


Our teams will look at your patient demographics, their health literacy levels, how they use your system, and how that varies by location or unit.

Next is the collaboration with you for changing configurations and approaches to the technology that help meet your patients where they are with behavioral navigation and messages that resonate with them, ultimately driving toward your immediate and long-term goals.

And then we’ll measure it, analyze it, and keep enhancing your system to progress toward what matters most to your patients, staff, and organization—even (and especially) when that changes over time.

Data as a decision driver

We’d love to show you how SONIFI Health insights can help transform your organization