A secure streaming solution for healthcare, built to reduce
patient anxiety with positive distraction


Deliver the next level of personalized relaxation

STAYCAST® offers your patients and their families the comfortable familiarity of home by enabling them to stream content from mobile apps — like Netflix, Hulu and 2000+ more — on their own personal devices to the TV in their hospital room, safely and securely.

a proven enterprise-grade streaming solution


enterprise rooms


apps streamed

1.5 hr

average streaming session

STAYCAST Streaming

Patient Benefits

The comfort of home when patients need it most

Positive distraction in the healthcare space has been proven to reduce pain, anxiety, stress and more. Giving patients access to their favorite series or movies that they watch at home provides comfort unlike any other.

  • 2000+ apps available to stream to the TV
  • No app login required via the TV
  • Device isolation so patients can only stream to their room TV

Hospital benefits

A secure streaming solution

Limited In-Room Hardware

Limited in-room hardware

Leverage your existing SONIFI iTV solution and simply add a Chromecast device (wired or wireless) to the patient room TV to offer patients an at-home streaming experience.

Network & Security

Network & security

The STAYCAST solution pairs the end user mobile with the in-room TV securely leveraging SONIFI’s technology, without requiring the user to leave credentials on hospital systems.

Automated Logout

Automated logout

Our patent-pending technology ensures patients can only stream to the TV in their own room, and automatically disconnects at transfer or discharge within the hospital EHR.

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