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COVID-19: How SONIFI Health is helping hospitals

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MARCH 25, 2020

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The rapidly changing status of COVID-19 is putting hospitals in unprecedented situations.

Assisting healthcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic is our top priority in this critical time.

Below are some of the ways we’ve been helping our customers. We’ll continue to update this page as additional options and resources become available.

Communicating safety protocols to patients, visitors and staff

Some hospitals are recording a short video or slideshow message about visitor policies, safety precautions, CDC-recommended guidelines, and operations protocols in response to COVID-19.


These messages can be deployed on SONIFI Health solutions to display:

  • Every time a TV is turned on
  • Before a movie or educational title is started
  • On the in-room TV main menu
  • On hospital-connected mobile devices
  • As part of a looping safety channel, promo channel and/or digital signage channel in both patient rooms and waiting rooms


Whether it’s on TVs or digital endpoints, we can help make a facility’s message highly visible to patients, families and visitors. Digital displays can be easily and quickly updated to reflect additional changes as often as necessary for the hospital’s needs.

Sharing well wishes to patients and staff

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As visitor restrictions get tighter, patients may start feeling more isolated and lonely. The SONIFI Health system can be used to display messages to patients through the in-room televisions.

Click here to read how SONIFI Health customer Henry Ford Health System is sharing well wishes and encouraging messages from the community on a dedicated channel on the interactive TVs.

For digital displays in employee areas, hospitals can also use the system to share notes of thanks and inspiration to healthcare workers, who deserve gratitude now more than ever.

Deploying COVID-19 and safety informational videos

There are several patient education videos available about infection control and safety precautions that can be added to and elevated in a hospital’s content library.

Free videos about the coronavirus are available from the CDC, Healthwise, and PatientPoint.

Additionally, content vendors have videos available about topics such as:

  • Infection prevention
  • Hand hygiene
  • Pneumonia education and care
  • Fever
  • Isolation
  • Note: Several vendors have indicated they are working on COVID-19 videos to be available soon

Having this information automatically assigned for patients to view on demand can help save nurses valuable time that can instead be used for direct patient care.

Keeping patients calm

Being in the hospital is always stressful for patients and their families — but they’re likely experiencing anxiety now more than ever.

We can work with hospitals to optimize their positive distraction, education, and beside request deliveries both to help keep patients and visitors calm, and to reduce nurse workflow needs.

Options may include prominently displaying certain content, finding additional endpoints to keep patients updated, and showcasing features available on the interactive television and from mobile devices.

Preparing new rooms for expanded capacity

Because of the rapid spread of COVID-19, some hospitals are having to quickly add beds and capacity to their facility.

SONIFI’s nationwide field service team can assist in setting up the technology and networks in these new rooms, in compliance with your vendor visitation policies.

We have the TV inventory and IT resources needed to get new patient rooms and common areas connected.

Our service and installation team has expertise in coax and IP (wired/wireless) infrastructures, as well as satellite, cable and IP distribution systems.

Discussing best practices with other healthcare systems

Sometimes just talking with colleagues who understand what you’re going through is what you need most.

On Wednesday, April 1, SONIFI Health will be hosting a free virtual forum with our healthcare customers and system experts.

We’ll answer any questions you have about how we can help get your COVID-19 messages out, and share tips and examples of how health systems are updating patients and visitors about the ever-changing situation.

You can sign up for the April 1 event here. We’ll update this page with upcoming forum dates and times.

If you need us, we’re here for you

We know this crisis is challenging healthcare workers like never before. Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep our communities safe.

All COVID-19 requests from hospitals are being prioritized and deployed as quickly as possible by the SONIFI Health team.

Additionally, we’ve updated some of our services and protocols to ensure your continued service and everyone’s safety — you can read details here.

We are here to support you.

Please reach out to our customer success team with any questions or to discuss how we can help you during this critical time.

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Last updated March 25, 2020

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