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How SONIFI Health can help in your new normal

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JUNE 16, 2020

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As hospitals and organizations resume elective procedures and routine care, many people are still fearful of COVID-19’s impact.

Digital tools can help patients, families and clinicians feel safe and successfully adjust to your new normal.

SONIFI Health’s technology and patient engagement platform has features and customizations to help you instill confidence, trust, peace of mind and comfort to everyone in your facility in the wake of COVID-19.

Here are some use cases of how SONIFI Health can complement your communications and plans for your new normal:

Reassure visitors of their safety

What to use: Digital signs

Where they can be used: waiting areas, lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, staff lounges


How digital signage could help in your new normal:

  • Display screening and safety protocols for anyone entering your facility
  • Provide up-to-date information about visitor policies, staff precautions, cleanliness practices, adjusted hours and scheduling changes
  • Reiterate the importance of checkups and health screenings
  • Remind staff of new safety practices, PPE protocols and patient interaction guidelines

Streamline clinician workflows

What to use: Digital door signs

Where they can be used: Outside patient rooms


How digital patient door signs could help in your new normal:

  • Alert staff and visitors of a patient’s isolation status to ensure proper protocols are followed
  • Automate patient and care team information on EHR-integrated displays
  • Provide clinicians the patient details they need most at a glance



Improve patient interactions

What to use: Digital whiteboards

Where they can be used: Patient rooms

How digital whiteboards could help in your new normal:

  • Empower patients with personalized information about their care team, schedule, education, meal orders and more
  • Save clinician time with EHR integrations that automatically update information
  • Reinforce cleanliness measures by eliminating a high-touch surface in patient rooms
  • Foster connection and conversation by using a customizable widget to display “about me” details from the patient


Offer comfort, education and control

What to use: Interactive televisions

Where they can be used: Patient rooms


How interactive TVs could help in your new normal:

  • Convey reassuring messages from your leaders and organization
  • Offer positive distraction with quality entertainment, movies and relaxation content to keep patients’ anxiety down
  • Display patient-specific information about their care team, education and reminders driven by automated EHR integrations
  • Provide options for patients to order meals, make requests, fill prescriptions and adjust lights, temperature and window shades with minimal staff intervention and contact
  • Keep patients connected to the world around them by using custom channels to offer live or recorded services,  encouraging and motivational messages, personal videos from clinicians, and much more


Cater to mobile-first preferences

What to use: Mobile solutions

Where they can be used: patient rooms, anywhere in your facility with a Wi-Fi connection


How mobile solutions could help in your new normal:

  • Provide control, flexibility and contactless options for patients by integrating information and features into a mobile app
  • Offer a way for patients and families to access their favorite streaming content and comforting positive distractions to pass the time
  • Use Wi-Fi to distribute video content, important messages, TV programs and live camera feeds to people in areas without access to TVs

Adapt to your needs

SONIFI Health’s solutions are flexible enough to adapt to whatever your specific needs are, and to evolve as you settle into your new normal for clinicians, patients and families.

You have the plans and protocols needed to keep people safe — let us help you communicate with and comfort the people who need it most right now.

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