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Crack the (QR) code to patient engagement

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DECEMBER 17, 2020

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A free and easy-to-use image can improve patient outcomes — and satisfaction.

QR (quick response) codes are a simple way to streamline workflows for your clinicians while also getting targeted communications to your patients where they’re most likely to reference it: Their phones.

Easily created for free online, QR codes can be added to any materials or displays in your facility, such as digital signage, digital whiteboards and interactive televisions.

Rather than asking patients to follow manual steps or interrupting your clinicians’ work, QR codes immediately connect patients and their families with vital information about their health or helpful features for their stay.

QR codes on interactive television screens

Key places to direct patients with a QR code

  • Your EHR patient portal
  • Additional information about their medications, condition or upcoming procedure
  • The phone number or email of their care manager
  • Your meal ordering system
  • Staff recognition (e.g., DAISY Award nominations)
  • Feedback surveys
  • Your on-site pharmacy
  • Support groups
  • Home health or rehab services they’ll need post-discharge
  • Community resources (transportation, meals, counseling, etc.)
  • Your foundation’s website
  • Marketing promotions, health screenings or vaccination reminders

A quick connection

Whether it’s providing important information or nudging patients toward a desired action, QR codes are a great option to add to your quality and patient experience strategies.

A digital whiteboard display featuring pediatric images and SONIFI Health interface including a QR code

“QR codes are increasingly acting as a bridge between in-person and virtual care experiences for patients and families,” says Heather Hallett, SONIFI Health’s Vice President of Customer Success.

Without adding more care team tasks, your organization can continue the conversation with patients in a way that’s accessible and effective.

“QR codes have been widely used in commercial settings to connect consumers to brands and products, and that element of consumerism is continuing to revolutionize healthcare as well,” Hallett says.

This consumerization of healthcare makes hospitals and other healthcare settings ripe for innovation when it comes to using QR codes.

“It never ceases to amaze me the creative ways our customers are using QR codes to improve the patient experience and gather information for ongoing improvements,” says Hallett.

Learn more about how an interactive patient engagement system can benefit your patients, clinicians and organization.

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