Service & support

We make sure technology works for you, not the other way around

Full-scale service platform

225+ Nationwide Field Techs

Nationwide field support

We have a large infrastructure of certified technicians available across the U.S. for on-site installations and maintenance.

24x7 Technical Assistance Center

24/7 technical assistance

Our U.S.-based technical assistance center is staffed by SONIFI employees with multilingual support available any day, any time.

Proactive Issue Identification & Resolution

Proactive issue identification & resolution

Remote monitoring and automated notifications identify issues and enable proactive resolution before impacting the end user experience.

Enterprise system service

Turnkey design-to-delivery, maintenance & project management

Field service
Survey, install, break-fix

Infrastructure expertise
Optimization, testing, repair

MATV cable plant & IP network
Design, installation, upgrade

Remote service
Monitor, update, troubleshoot


Technology integrations
Hardware, software, cloud

Device management
Compatibility, testing

Storage, logistics, fulfillment

Commercial & medical-grade TVs
Procurement, mounts, installation


Nationwide support


  • 200+ certified technicians available nationwide
  • Efficient site surveys, installations & maintenance
  • Expertise in RF/coax & IP infrastructures (wired/wireless)
  • Reliable satellite, cable & IP distribution systems

Technical Assistance Center

We’re more than a help desk

SONIFI simplifies technical support by quickly learning your business through our online training. You get access to experts and accurate call documentation through our cloud-based phone and ticketing system.


based technicians with multilingual support


support 365 days a year


first-call resolution

third-party integrations & implementations

We’ve been in business for 40+ years

Our decades of experience with TV solutions, digital platforms, EHR integrations, smart room automations and dozens of other key system integrations ensures your facility has successful implementations and seamless technology experiences.

  • Patient entertainment & positive distraction
  • Automated education assignments, charting & patient prompting
  • Clinical services & workflow efficiencies
  • Meal ordering & meds-to-beds
  • Temperature, light, window shade & voice controls
  • Digital whiteboards & patient door signs
  • Public area signage & digital displays

Looking for support?

Let us know what your facility needs, and what questions or concerns you have. We’re here to help!