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20 creative ways to engage patients

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July 27, 2022

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Creative patient engagement doesn’t have to take a lot of work.

Hospitals and clinics around the country have been customizing features on their interactive TVs to entertain and comfort patients — quickly, at little to no cost, and without interrupting clinical workflows.

Here are 20 ideas of how you can creatively engage patients using an in-room TV.

Positive distraction

to engage patients & reduce their pain perception

  • On-demand videos of pet therapy dogs or baby animals
  • Trivia or motivational quotes looping on a dedicated channel
  • Artwork, paintings, photos & notes of encouragement
  • Live webcams of aquariums, zoos, nature or national parks

Therapeutic & mindfulness videos

to reduce patient anxiety & help them relax

  • Breathing exercises & guided meditations
  • Ambient sounds & imagery
  • Bed yoga, tai chi & gentle stretching
  • Spiritual readings & prayers

Personal connections

to foster a meaningful patient experience

  • Welcome messages from your hospital president, CMO or CNO
  • Care team photos & bios, plus hospital staff spotlights
  • Live broadcasts of on-site or community events
    music performances, chapel services, holiday celebrations
  • Promotions of hospital amenities & services
    Cafeteria hours, in-room meal ordering, valet & transportation services, gift shops

Self-serve options

to give patients control & autonomy

  • Smart room controls
    temperature, lights, window coverings, voice
  • On-demand content
    movies, streaming, music, games
  • Real-time feedback & surveys
    care interactions, dietary services, personal needs
  • Requests for comfort care & alternative therapies
    aromatherapy, eye mask, ice, blankets, Reiki, spiritual services

Reassurance & education

to give patients confidence & improve post-discharge outcomes

  • QR codes that easily direct patients to your portal, personnel & care planning services
  • Informative images about safety protocols & public health initiatives
  • Auto-assigned video education specific to the patient
    procedures, falls prevention, pressure ulcers, at-home care
  • A checklist or dedicated channel for discharge information
    meds-to-beds, education, assistive & community resources, follow-up care

Creative patient engagement is more than an amenity

An interactive system can help improve outcomes through streamlined clinical workflows, seamless integrations and strategic patient experience tactics.

Harness the flexibility of your interactive TV platform to bring your creative patient engagement strategies to life with some simple assets and easy-to-use features.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in August 2020. It has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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