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16 creative ways to engage patients

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AUGUST 28, 2020

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When COVID-19 completely upended what patient experience looks like in hospitals, staff got creative.

SONIFI Health has helped hospitals and clinics customize features on their in-room televisions to entertain, calm and delight patients — even in the midst of a pandemic.

These creative uses of the interactive patient engagement platform have been quick to implement with little to no cost, and with no clinician workflow interruptions.

Here are 16 examples of how to creatively engage patients using the in-room TV.


Offering positive distraction

Beyond TV, streaming & relaxation content

  • On-demand videos of pet therapy dogs
  • Livestream religious services
  • Around-the-clock feed of a colorful aquarium
  • Videos of gentle yoga stretches to do from the bed
  • Fun trivia or motivational quotes looping on a dedicated channel

Reassuring patients with information & updates

Beyond care plans, prescribed education & discharge instructions

  • Welcome video from your hospital president or chief medical officer
  • Images with real-time updates about visitor policies and safety precautions
  • QR code to easily direct patients to portals, medication information and more

Keeping it personal

Beyond schedules, requests & surveys

  • Messages of encouragement from friends, families and supporters
  • Photos and personal bios of everyone on the care team
  • Videos of staff singing, dancing or doing the latest social media challenge

Engaging pediatric patients

Beyond games, movies & music

  • Fun and colorful menu backgrounds
  • Breathing exercises featuring cartoon animals
  • Book read-alongs, read by hospital friends and supporters
  • Videos of physicians doing magic tricks

Hospitals frequently use integrations with their iTV system to automate tasks, improve outcomes, and provide patients control, information and comfort.

Whether it’s using the standard features for entertainment and care planning, or getting creative with unique features for your patients, an interactive in-room TV can be a valuable tool to enhance patient experience and streamline clinical workflows.

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