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How empowering patients with EHR information improves their care and your data quality

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FEBRUARY 5, 2020

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EHR systems make patient data and care details available in a standardized format for your clinicians to reference — but the systems aren’t infallible.

A key checkpoint to catch medical record inaccuracies is patients themselves.

Data accuracy is more important than ever as it’s used not only for patient care, but also for your hospital’s quality and safety metrics, performance analytics and trend insights.

Empowering patients to see their own data — on in-room devices such as a digital whiteboard, mobile device or interactive television synced with your EHR — can lead to clinical improvements and benefits.

Accurate attribution

Patient confidence

Simply having the ability to view information that has previously only been for clinicians to reference lets patients know they’re part of the care plan, too. Seeing real-time information throughout their stay sets clear expectations and understanding of their treatment plans, goals and after-care instructions.

This data transparency gives patients a stake of ownership in their own care. Actively involving them in the process shows they have a critical role in their health success.

Medication reconciliation

If a patient sees multiple providers or visits different health systems, their full list of medications may not be included in your EHR or may result in duplicative listings; reviewing the list with them can get their records up to date and reduce data gaps.

Having an accurate medication list visually accessible gives patients a chance to see it multiple times and speak up if there are any errors or missing information. When your care teams have a complete list of a patient’s home medications, they can help reduce potential adverse effects from drug interactions.

Accurate attribution

Whiteboards in patient rooms commonly include the names of the current care team. When whiteboards are digitized and integrated with your EHR system, the care team information would prominently be on the display and keep clinicians accountable for updating the EHR with each shift change.

When your systems have consistently accurate physician attribution for every patient and shift, your quality and performance measures will be more precise and insightful.

Patient education

Patient Education

As medications or conditions are updated throughout the patient’s stay, education orders can be automated, prompted and made available on demand, freeing up time for nurses to ensure patients fully understand their care plan and next steps.

Automated charting of completed education back to the EHR provides helpful data for the population health team as they assess the effectiveness of these interventions and reduce data gaps, a common issue with performance measures.

Data quality

Having the most accurate and up-to-date information in your EHR improves your data quality, which gives you the best possible ground for improving your hospital’s performance measures and clinical performance improvement initiatives.

But first, your technology needs to talk to each other

A fully integrated system is key for you, your employees and your patients to see benefits. At SONIFI Health, we’re dedicated to simplifying patient engagement through technology that works for you, not the other way around.

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