Get more out of your EHR

Complement Epic & Bedside with SONIFI Health

Leveraging Epic investments

SONIFI Health isn’t here to replace or compete with your Epic EHR, MyChart Bedside, and Epic MyChart solutions. We’re here to support them, and you.

At SONIFI Health, we share your goal of improving patient engagement, clinical education, nurse workflows and more.

More than 65% of our customers use Epic-forward strategies complemented by SONIFI’s interactive solutions that are deeply integrated with Epic and supported by a dedicated team of SONIFI experts.

Using your Epic clinical pathways to improve patient education

SONIFI Health’s nursing executives help develop education strategies that work with your current care plans and nursing workflows.

Build comprehensive education libraries

  • Titles are available from all video content vendors
  • Patients receive the most relevant & up-to-date education
  • Ongoing consultations make sure content & strategy evolve as your needs change

Automate education assignment & chart back

  • Titles are tied to education points in EHR care plans
  • Orders are automated without disrupting workflows
  • Progress in Bedside and/or SONIFI’s iTV is automatically charted back into Epic

Create a custom patient education video library with your existing content plus titles from our education content partners

Standardizing workflows for the best patient experience

Get rid of manual nursing processes while also giving every patient access to what they need on both MyChart Bedside and SONIFI’s interactive TVs.

SONIFI’s deep integration with Epic

Full HL7 support for ADT, orders and results, PPR, flowsheet data, patient schedule & more

Standardized nurse workflows

Automated education on both Bedside and iTV platforms eliminates manual processes

Integrated care access options

Provide the same level of engagement, education & support for all patients no matter what device they use


Promote MyChart adoption on SONIFI Health’s system

QR codes | Digital messages & images | Custom menu listings

Increasing adoption with options patients want most

The more ways you give patients to engage in their care, the more likely they are to actually engage. Here’s why adding SONIFI’s interactive TV can help your patients, and your goals.

  • Complements Epic Bedside offerings
    An additional outlet for patient access
  • Includes EHR-integrated personalization
    Schedules, care teams, meal orders & more
  • Helps reduce patient anxiety
    Music, white noise, spiritual & relaxation content
  • Integrates smart room controls
    Temp, lights, windows, voice & TV controls

Your success is our mission

In addition to our 24/7 technical support, every SONIFI Health customer has a dedicated team of experts to help you achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.


Professional project management

for successful implementations & training


Clinical nursing leadership

to drive education adoption & strategies


Executive partnerships & support

to maximize utilization & ROI

Epic + SONIFI = better together

We’d love to show you how SONIFI Health can help you get even more out of your Epic solutions and investments.