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5 training types for a successful patient engagement technology launch

Kelly Boyd By Kelly Boyd
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September 11, 2019

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When implementing new technology, training helps users adapt to the changes in their roles and processes. Training provides team members an opportunity to learn the system, understand the benefits and realize its full capabilities, leading to higher adoption by both staff and patients.

Here are the five types of training SONIFI Health conducts when implementing an interactive patient engagement solution.

  1. Technical Training

    Participants are trained on the technical aspects of the solution. This training targets the resources responsible for the maintenance and/or construction of the patient room television hardware, nurse call system hardware, television system cabling network or IT systems hardware.

  2. Clinical User Training

    Training covers patient education guidelines and addresses how both patients and clinical users interact with the system. This training targets nurses, clinical administrators, patient educators and other care team members who have the responsibility of educating patients.

  3. Clinical Train-the-Trainer Training

    In addition to Clinical User Training, SONIFI Health provides training to support the re-training and training of new staff. This training additionally covers how to use the materials and tools and target the resources that are responsible for ensuring all staff responsible for educating patients receive their training both during implementation and throughout the life of the solution.

  4. Administrative/Analytics Training

    It’s important to align hospital goals and key drivers behind the purchase of an interactive patient engagement solution. This training targets the resources responsible for monitoring system performance and driving adoption and usage.

  5. Content Manager Training

    This training is designed to align with the hospital and/or health system’s digital media strategy and policies. This training targets the resources responsible for building and maintaining the content on digital signage displays and other patient/visitor/staff facing products with hospital managed editors.

Training doesn’t stop at launch. All training includes materials that can be loaded into the hospital’s learning management system to facilitate re-training of current staff and onboarding of new staff. While no formal training is provided to patients and family members due to the ease of use, SONIFI Health does provide tools and patient orientation videos that the hospital can optionally use to introduce the system to the patients and visitors.

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