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November 15, 2015

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In today’s healthcare delivery environment where your patients’ satisfaction with their hospital experience is of utmost importance, every aspect of that stay should be enhanced to its highest level, even down to the quality of the patients Internet access. Patients expect fast and easy access to the Internet during their hospital stay.

SONIFI Health offers the DOCSIS solution that provides fast and reliable internet access without requiring a major WiFi infrastructure upgrade, using your hospital’s existing coax Ethernet or phone lines. Your hospital can save significant money and time by deploying our patient WiFi access solution, while delivering much higher bandwidth.

SONIFI Health will design, install, support and monitor the health of your custom network with our in-house, 24×7 support team. The enhanced patient Internet access is also delivered without limiting bandwidth within other areas of your hospital.

As the Internet bandwidth needs of hospital patients has continued to increase, hospital and IT administrators have been caught in a dilemma. Ensuring a working Internet alone is not sufficient, because patients and visitors expect to be able to stream content from their favorite streaming provider, often on multiple devices.

Another advantage of DOCSIS is that the system can be installed in such a manner that it is completely and physically segmented from the hospital’s patient information network. Therefore, the traffic on the DOCSIS network has no need for HIPAA regulatory compliance, monitoring and reporting, because no protected health information (PHI) moves on the network.

This allows patients and their guests to access the internet in a public, mostly anonymous, environment (similar to other visitor networks such as airports and coffee shops), without the hospital, patients or guests having to worry about privacy issues, confusing login processes and HIPAA compliance monitoring and reporting.

“Providing this upgraded service does not have to be expensive. With SONIFI Health’s solution, hospitals can use existing coaxial cable to deliver internet throughout the hospital. Our solution provide fast and reliable WiFi by leveraging the hospital’s coaxial infrastructure that is already in place in most hospitals. DOCSIS can offload the WiFi traffic onto the coax, reducing the load on the WiFi network. Our DOCSIS technology is already extensively used by cable companies to deliver substantial bandwidth to residential customers, and it allows our hospital clients to provide patients with robust and reliable bandwidth, cost-effectively and quickly,” explained Brad Storm , Director of Healthcare Technology & Integrations at SONIFI Health.

With a modest investment and just a few implementation steps, SONIFI Health can easily provide a long-term plan for fast, cost-effective Internet services, keeping your patients and their families as well as visitors happy and satisfied.

The SONIFI Internet Access Solution is:

  • Scalable — Each hospital can deliver carrier-grade Internet to tens of thousands of concurrent devices
  • Robust — Reducing the threat of a network bottleneck and points of failure
  • Quickly Implemented and Updated — For one hospital or your entire health network, service delivery is updated from single interface
  • Monitored – 24X7 to reduce or eliminate downtimes and average time to repair


Learn how easy and affordable SONIFI Health makes delivering Patient Internet Access.

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