SONIFI Health’s COVID-19 response: Our commitment to safety & quality

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We know that the impact of COVID-19 is top of mind for all of our valued customers around the world. With healthcare providers being on the front lines of battling this pandemic, we are highly sensitive to the effect that this situation is having on your patients, communities, employees, and business operations.

Our team at SONIFI Health remains committed to providing uninterrupted service and support to our customers, while prioritizing the safety of those in our communities.

We are actively assisting hospitals with their COVID-19 communication and technology needs, including updating patient and visitor messaging, deploying education and videos regarding COVID-19 safety, preparing new rooms for expanded COVID-19 critical care, and more.

Additionally, please note the following procedures we are following to ensure compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines, while maintaining the continuity in service and support that you rely on from SONIFI:

  • Reducing the burden to nursing workflow in this critical time is one of our key system benefits. Our Customer Success and Clinical teams are available to provide any optimizations to your system to maximize workflow benefits, be it to deliver education materials or handle bedside requests from your admitted patients.
  • We have implemented business continuity measures to ensure on-going availability of our technology solutions and engineering and support functions.
  • Our 24/7 on-shore technical assistance center remains available at all times, and we are augmenting staffing to address additional support needs.
  • We are emphasizing remote diagnostics and repair whenever applicable, and postponing any non-essential preventative maintenance visitations.
  • For necessary on-site work, our technicians are being trained with safety precaution protocols, as well as adherence to standard sanitation best practices. We will continue to offer additional training and institute new protocols as necessary.
  • SONIFI is providing training to all technicians and managers on how to identify symptoms in themselves and their family members early, and to remove themselves from customer environments as appropriate.
  • If we have a scheduled appointment with you, we will inquire in advance about any specific visitor guidance or instructions that your organization may have issued.
  • To reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, all SONIFI Health employees have canceled non-essential business travel and are working from home whenever possible. As needed, employees are provided additional equipment, remote access, and flexible work time options, as well as health insurance coverage of any COVID-19 testing.


If we can be of service to you in any other way during this critical time, please contact us at

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We will update this article and email our customers as the situation evolves. Lasted updated March 19, 2020.

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