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What patients say about using digital whiteboards

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July 31, 2019

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Whiteboards have a known value in the hospital setting. The visible presence of notes and goals serve as reminders and talking points for more communication and cooperative care between patients and staff. Digital whiteboards integrate with other hospital systems to automatically update—a real time saver for staff.

Digital Whiteboards

If you are wondering about how patients feel about using digital whiteboards…here’s 5 real patient comments!

  • It is cool!
  • It keeps me informed – it is good because you forget things.
  • I can see it and read it!
  • I like the background -The nature scene is soft and comforting.
  • I like that it lists my preferred name so people know exactly who I am!

Patient feedback showed they were immediately comfortable with the digital whiteboard displays. Patients noticed the digital whiteboards are more complete and easier to read than traditional marker boards. The digital display is never dirty or smudged looking and always has a fresh feeling.

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