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SONIFI Health inspires healthcare to reimagine smart care experiences with new hospitality-infused platform being unveiled at HIMSS24

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ORLANDO (March 11, 2024) – Patient engagement technology provider SONIFI Health is debuting its new interactive platform this week at the annual HIMSS Global Health Conference in Orlando.

“What we’re offering is a hospitality-centered approach to patient engagement, where technology anticipates the needs of clinicians and patients,” said Meghan Seus, SONIFI Health’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “We’re offering support to create better environments for healing, and partnering with healthcare organizations to redefine care delivery models.”

Personalized user interfaces

The new cloud-based platform is the culmination of an extensive study with patients, caregivers and clinicians, as well as analysis of years of patient interaction data.

“Using these insights, we were able to reimagine how our technology could prioritize access to what patients need to feel empowered, at ease and confident in their care,” Seus said, “while also creating personalizations that support better patient-clinician connections.”

The platform will power a host of smart room technologies, including patient-aware interactive TV displays, digital whiteboards, digital patient door signs and mobile features. EHR, education, virtual care, health IT applications and other third-party integrations automate tasks for staff and visualize patient care details in a way that’s accessible and approachable.

When designing the new solution, SONIFI Health partnered with healthcare leaders charged with transforming care delivery to meet evolving consumer expectations, increased competition, shifting business models and financial constraints.

“The industry is changing fast, as health leaders are being driven to do more to address disparate patient needs, sometimes with less access to staff or funding, and an increasing pressure to improve the financial well-being of their organization,” said Kelly Boyd, SONIFI Health’s General Manager. “SONIFI is uniquely positioned to support this next evolution in care using our years of experience in the healthcare and hospitality industries, our scale and our technologies that allow us to create the connected experiences healthcare needs but have historically struggled to reliably deliver to their patients and staff.”

Split-screen digital whiteboard

SONIFI Health focused on building the best security, stability and performance with its cloud-based platform, as well as incorporating clinical features that hospitals most frequently ask for, including integrated virtual nursing and telehealth applications, automated education workflows, and several digital whiteboard configuration options.

“As we conducted user research and talked to our customers, it’s clear staff are squeezed for time and attention, and patients and their families often feel overwhelmed,” Boyd said. “Our new platform addresses these concerns by streamlining workflows and making virtual care easier, as well as creating intuitive user experiences that quickly and clearly get patients the information, services and updates they want. They can learn more about their condition and care plan, or simply find some comfort and autonomy when they feel like they need it most.”

SONIFI Health’s behavior-driven user interfaces include features that are customizable to an organization’s branding and priorities, with configurations that can be unit-specific to appeal to multiple patient demographics.

The platform includes real-time analytics on system use, with actionable insights that can be used to continually optimize workflows for staff and the on-screen experience for patients.

“We’re building on SONIFI Health’s expertise in usability for patients and staff, as well as our success in offering seamless deployments and operation of integrated smart room technologies,” Boyd said. “But it’s not just technology our customers are getting—it’s experience and expertise from our SONIFI Health team, who provide ongoing consultations, best practices and data-driven strategies to achieve measurable goals and long-term outcomes.”

The platform is the newest solution to support the company’s commitment to helping organizations leverage engagement tools and professional insights to impact care quality, safety, staff efficiencies and ROI—while also improving patient, family and staff satisfaction.

“At SONIFI Health, we’ve always been committed to supporting clinical needs and enhancing patient care. Our technology and our people are here to meet you where you are. We want our partners and the people they serve to feel cared for and confident,” Seus added. “It’s all part of what we’re calling the hospitality effect, where every interaction builds to create exceptional healthcare and patient experiences. We’re thrilled with the roadmap we have for SONIFI Health to be an integral part of what person-centered healthcare technology can do for the future of patient care.”

SONIFI Health is showcasing its new platform and technologies in booth 5572 throughout the HIMSS24 conference.


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SONIFI Health provides industry-leading interactive patient engagement technology proven to improve patient outcomes and staff productivity. The EHR-integrated platform is designed to anticipate the needs of patients and clinicians, infusing the principles of hospitality into care experiences. As part of SONIFI Solutions, Inc., the company supports more than 300 million end user experiences annually. Learn more at

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A hospitality-centered approach to patient engagement