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6 ways to influence HCAHPS with interactive technology

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JUNE 8, 2021

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Raising your facility’s HCAHPS scores is complicated.

There are a lot of factors that affect a patient’s perception of care while at your hospital. But there are some core areas where a little extra focus can have a big effect on the patient experience and, subsequently, responses to HCAHPS questions.


Here are six ways you can use an interactive patient engagement system to improve HCAHPS scores.

1. Education

With an interactive education library, patients can access education about their medications and condition whenever they’re ready, learn at their own pace, and review information anytime.

With this education strategy, nurses have more time for meaningful conversations with patients about their care, and patients feel better informed about their health and medications.

2. Communication

Interactive technology makes it convenient and easy for patients to communicate with their care team.

With surveys, requests and feedback about things like pain levels or education comprehension, clinical staff have information from patients that better prepare them for effective bedside interactions.

Integrated digital tools can also strengthen patient-provider connection points, and provide transparency that can help improve the patient’s care and experience throughout their stay.

3. Service recovery

More frequent communication with patients means potential issues can be known and addressed before they become memorable problems influencing the patient’s HCAHPS responses.

Feedback tools, requests, surveys and messaging options keep those providing care more connected to the person experiencing it — and better equipped for real-time service recovery that’s graceful and successful.

4. Autonomy

Patients become frustrated waiting for answers or solutions, especially to simple issues.

A dynamic interactive system empowers patients to resolve issues on their own, such as finding the Wi-Fi password, ordering a meal, seeing their schedule for the day, and making requests for things like pastoral care or assistance from financial services.

This type of autonomy engages patients and allows them to feel a sense of control when they need it most — while also eliminating non-critical workflow interruptions and relieving nurses of some non-clinical tasks that contribute to burnout.

5. Ambience

Being in an unfamiliar environment can be stressful to patients. Providing easy ways to make patients more comfortable can make a difference in how they feel emotionally at your hospital.

Technology you already have in the room can be used to offer patients:

  • Comforting entertainment like familiar TV programming, on-demand movies and favorite streaming content
  • Positive distraction like soothing music, relaxation content, spiritual readings, white noise and creative patient engagement tactics
  • Bedside controls for temperature, lighting and window shades so the room environment matches the patient’s preferences

6. Discharge readiness

Discharge checklists, on-demand education, and convenient access to health resources and community support can aid patients in their care planning for after their hospital stay.

With these features on an easy-to-use interactive system, patients are more likely to take an active role in their care pre- and post-discharge, as they feel prepared and confident in their care plan.

Proven outcomes with SONIFI Health’s interactive system

A good interactive patient engagement system doesn’t just help with your immediate goals — it should also have sustained impact.

Here’s a five-year study about how SONIFI Health’s technology can help continually improve HCAHPS scores, especially when it comes to communication, education and satisfaction ratings.


Curious what SONIFI Health’s interactive technology system looks like to patients?

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in February 2018. It has been updated for freshness and comprehensiveness.

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