Increasing Care Comprehension

SONIFI Health makes it easy to deliver consistent patient education videos through TVs, tablets, PCs and mobile phones. Integration with EMR systems enables automation of educational content relative to each patient’s condition. Communication between SONIFI and the EMR system allows for patient education completion and comprehension to help fulfill Meaningful Use requirements.


Integration with EMR

SONIFI accesses data within hospital EMR systems such as EPIC, Cerner, Siemens, or even custom systems to deliver personalized patient care regarding education, care team, orders and charting information.

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Prescribed Patient Education Videos

Integration with EMR systems automates the delivery of educational content based on the patient’s conditions. SONIFI simply accesses standard data within multiple EMR systems to streamline education delivery. Care providers can also prescribe additional patient education videos simply through the dashboard.

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On-demand Video Education

SONIFI Health enables hospitals to offer a diverse library of patient education videos that ensure patients and families are well informed. Through the TV, tablet, PC or phone, patients can complete a list of prescribed videos specific to their condition and treatment, as well as browse the library for other topics of interest. The library can also contain custom hospital videos that drive patients and families to more fully engage in resources such as the pharmacy, physical therapy, religious services, or anything else the hospital chooses to promote.

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Prescribed Medication

Patients can receive medication education and instructions based on prescriptions in the EMR.

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Your Education Materials

In addition to a diverse library of educational content, SONIFI lets you easily add your hospital’s existing educational content.

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Whether you have existing video content vendors who you work with, or have your own developed content, SONIFI can include those into your library. Either SONIFI or your staff can upload this content. SONIFI interactive TV and tablet screens can be displayed in multiple languages to accommodate diverse communities.

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Staff experienced a 65% reduction in time spent facilitating education after installing SONIFI Health.

source: Mayo Franciscan