Patient engagement is vital for today’s hospitals to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction scores. A study sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and published in Health Affairs, reported that patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs. As a result, many public and private healthcare organizations are employing strategies to better engage patients, such as educating them about their conditions and involving them more fully in making decisions about their care.

Clear and Frequent Communication

SONIFI Health improves communication between providers and patients by automated delivery of personalized messages and care information to patients. Patients can easily view information electronically, that’s typically provided on a whiteboard, such as the patient’s care team, daily schedule, hospital information and more.  Patients can easily make requests, ask questions, specify pain levels, and order meals electronically, which gives patients a greater sense of control in their care process. Additionally, providers can utilize a television with a camera to converse with patients through video conference.


Informed and Educated

According to the patient’s conditions as specified in the EMR, SONIFI ensures patients are more informed about their stay and more educated about their condition through automated delivery of patient education. SONIFI makes it easy for patients to watch specified patient education and hospital instructions along the continuum of care. Engaging in education and hospital instructions before, during, and after their stay promotes increased activation in their own care which results in higher satisfaction.



Patients that assume greater responsibility in their care are more likely to achieve better health outcomes and are less likely to be readmitted.

Promoting Patient Responsibility

Patients that assume greater responsibility in their care are more likely to achieve better health outcomes and are less likely to be readmitted. To help assess and promote patient involvement in the care process, SONIFI incorporates the Patient Activation Measures (PAM) assessment to predict how active patients will be in their care. SONIFI allows hospitals to personalize patient education and care experiences based on these PAM levels.


Real-time Feedback and Response

SONIFI incorporates a real-time patient survey program throughout the patient’s stay which notifies the appropriate staff based on the patient’s responses. Hospital staff is able to initiate service recovery quickly rather than learning about dissatisfaction on a discharge survey weeks after the patient’s stay. Addressing satisfaction issues quickly based on the brief surveys gives hospitals more control over improvement of patient satisfaction and HCAHPS. SONIFI gathers information relating to the patient’s experience and displays the insights on dashboards which allow nurses to focus on those items and have more meaningful communications with the patient.