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SONIFI Health releases digital whiteboard features that enhance patient experience in hospital mother-baby units

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LOS ANGELES (April 5, 2022) – Patient engagement technology provider SONIFI Health has created a mother-baby configuration on its popular digital whiteboards to help hospitals enhance the patient experience with postpartum moms and their families.

Healthcare organizations around the country have been replacing traditional marker boards with digital whiteboards to modernize and optimize the industry standard communications tool in patient rooms.

In addition to the hospital-branded and EHR-integrated features available on the digital boards from SONIFI Health, the new mother-baby displays update to show information about new moms and their babies simultaneously.

“We consulted with our customers to discover what information would be most helpful for both mom and the care team to have at a glance in both pre-delivery and post-delivery scenarios,” said Andy Anderson, SONIFI Health’s Director of Product Management.

Anderson led SONIFI’s design and engineering teams in developing the mother-baby configuration that, thanks to integrations with a hospital’s EHR system, automatically changes the whiteboard to a multi-patient display when the baby is born, with the information shown updating throughout the stay. The new feature also supports configurations for multiple babies, NICU stays, adoptions and sensitive situations such as fetal demise.

“The automations allow nursing staff to continue doing their critical work without being bogged down by having to update information on a dry erase board,” said Anderson. “Staff and families can refer to the board for information about the care team, feeding needs and more without leaving the room. And if a baby’s in NICU, parents can get the most up-to-date information about their little one without asking or worrying.”

Longtime SONIFI Health customer and collaborator Texas Health Resources recently deployed the mother-baby features on digital whiteboards in the newly opened Jane and John Justin Tower in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Moms often have choices of where they want to deliver their baby, and we want Texas Health Resources to be where new moms and their families have the best experience possible,” said Bianca Lenglet Radney, Texas Health Resource’s Vice President of Patient and Family Experience.

“SONIFI Health’s mother-baby configuration is appealing because it meets the needs of the family and the staff at the time it matters most. No matter if it’s the first child or the fourth, it’s such a busy and important time that makes a lasting impression on new moms,” Radney said. “With these digital and other patient experience-focused features in rooms, we make sure both mom and baby are taken care of in a way that’s smooth, efficient and memorable in the best ways.”

“Our teams were excited to get this new configuration out for hospitals, knowing how important all the small things a new mom experiences add up to the overall impression of — and loyalty to — a healthcare organization,” said Meghan Seus, SONIFI Health’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “And just like all our digital whiteboard configurations, it doesn’t require manual intervention from nurses, meaning they can focus on direct care for mom and the new baby.”

The digital whiteboard enhancements are a great complement to the whole patient experience with in-room technology, Seus said, giving families the ability to always see the most important information, adjust the brightness of the screens or lights in the room, access positive distraction on the interactive TVs and so much more.

For clinicians, the new mother-baby automations also extend outside the patient room onto SONIFI Health’s digital door signs, empowering staff with critical information in clear view for better care interactions.

“This mother-baby feature was a natural evolution of our solutions,” said Seus, “to continue supporting the use cases our customers and their patients want most.”


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