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Brookwood Medical Center personalizes patient care with interactive education and content

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December 2, 2015

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Brookwood Medical Center, a 645-bed full service acute care hospital in Birmingham, AL, is widely recognized for its cardiology, oncology, mental health and orthopedic programs. Brookwood’s main campus is home to the Women’s Center, Alabama’s first women’s hospital, which offers specialized maternity and neonatal services with five-star amenities.

For the past four years, Brookwood Medical Center has partnered with SONIFI Health to provide on-demand educational and relaxation content to their patients at the Women’s Center. Using the in-room TV, patients access and view education videos specific to their care, the care of their newborn or any treatments.

Labor and delivery services require varying needs for each mother as they transition through their care. By leveraging the services on the SONIFI Health Interactive System, the Women’s Center can help create a personalized environment for each new mother. From accessing relaxation content during labor, to viewing education videos before discharge, the SONIFI Health system is used throughout the care process. Content available on Brookwood Medical Center’s system is specific to each patient’s care needs and health-education teaching. Education content was selected by the hospital’s nurse educators as they worked with SONIFI Health to develop their system. Education meeting the hospital’s teaching requirements includes newborn care, breastfeeding support, and bringing your newborn home. If the hospital’s education requirements change, the system’s content can be easily updated or changed as well.

“We like the SONIFI system because it is so versatile,” explained Glenda Dickenson, Women Support Services Manager at Brookwood Medical. “We are able to decide on the content our patients can view. In addition to the multiple programs provided by SONIFI, we have customized the system by embedding our own video content that we feel is important for our patients. It’s such a convenient way for our patients to access information specific to their diagnoses and care.”

“There are just volumes of information at our patients’ fingertips, including all types of pertinent educational and relaxation content, how they can control their room’s ambiance, and even discharge information. We have been so pleased with the SONIFI system in the Women’s Center that the hospital is planning to expand the system enterprise-wide,” Ms. Dickerson added.

A rapidly increasing number of hospitals are benefiting from Interactive Patient Care applications, such as patient education, which support hospital initiatives to improve patient satisfaction, increase patient activation in their care, and reduce readmissions.

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