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Susquehanna Health automates the delivery and charting of patient video education

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June 30, 2015

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Susquehanna Health Network has focused on improving patient care and education by refining processes and incorporating new programs. Recently, the Williamsport Regional Medical facility implemented SONIFI Health to automate the delivery and reporting of patient education centrally within their EMR.

Using the patient’s in-room television, SONIFI Health delivers video education programs based on orders placed within the hospital’s EMR. After viewing prescribed videos, patients are prompted to answer questions to assess comprehension. These results are used by the staff to follow up with patients in teach back opportunities to ensure patient understanding and participation in his or her own care.Completion of assigned videos and questionnaire results are electronically transmitted back to EMR system. The automated delivery of order based education reduces the time for clinical team members to assess patient education needs and manually assign the content.

“Patient centric is placing the patient and their needs central in all activity and effort,” said Pamela Lundy, Director of Resource Management and Special Projects for Nursing, Susquehanna Health. “By integrating the assignment of patient education within the patient’s electronic medical record, caregivers eliminate inefficient and duplicative processes focusing the caregiver and patient on developing a plan to meet their health education needs.”

The process of integrating SONIFI Health and the EMR was a collaborative effort between technical and clinical resources at Williamsport Regional Medical Center and SONIFI Health. To best measure the impact on nursing and patient access, the project was implemented first at a pilot unit and has been expanded to additional units as each site proves to be successful.

Williamsport Regional Medical Center leverages the SONIFI Health solution to support the patient experience through additional collaborative efforts that include patient education on the patient stay, caregiver engagement and multiple distraction therapy options.

“The processes involved to accommodate Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s request were fairly straight forward,” noted Craig Gau, Regional Manager of Client Services for SONIFI Health. “The nursing team and information technology group at Williamsport spearheaded this request, and the integration process we had created flowed flawlessly into production in a short time frame.”

Using SONIFI Health to automate the delivery of condition specific education to patients and report back to the EMR has resulted in measurable time savings and offloading of work among clinical staff. In addition to delivering educational content and interfacing to the EMR, SONIFI also supports the patient experience initiatives at Susquehanna Health by providing patients with numerous entertainment and relaxation options through interactive menus on the televisions.

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