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SONIFI Health partners with Vitalchat to streamline inpatient virtual care

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LOS ANGELES (August 2, 2022) – Patient engagement technology provider SONIFI Health has developed an API that allows best-in-class virtual care solutions to be integrated on its interactive TV platform in hospital patient rooms.

Vitalchat, which offers telehealth software that’s purpose built for healthcare, is the first integration partner to use SONIFI’s API for a new pediatric hospital opening in Texas later this year. The Vitalchat integration will allow a 65” smart TV in each patient room to be used for touchless virtual rounding, patient consults, family communications, interpreter services, and AI-assisted patient monitoring, extending the benefits of the patient engagement solution being implemented by SONIFI Health.

With the Vitalchat-SONIFI Health integration, providers can easily call into patient rooms by accessing the Vitalchat portal directly within their EHR workflow. Remote family members can join a virtual session with the patient’s care team and visit with patients one-on-one to help reduce loneliness and anxiety.

No nursing interventions are required for these encounters, alleviating staff workloads while also engaging patients in their care. To protect patient privacy, the PTZ camera points away from the patient when not in use, and a patented “digital door knock” feature allows patients to use a simple voice command to accept or decline a telehealth visit.

“We know that hospitals are facing workforce and resource shortages, while also dealing with vital patient safety and healthcare needs,” said Ghafran Abbas, CEO of Vitalchat. “Integrating with SONIFI Health means we’re enabling inpatient virtual care that’s simple to implement, efficient for staff, and user-friendly for patients and their families. With a mutual commitment to collaboration and helping customers succeed, Vitalchat is excited to partner with SONIFI in taking telehealth to the next level.”

“Vitalchat helps fill gaps that hospitals have identified in their needs for virtual care,” said Roy Kosuge, SONIFI Health General Manager. “Adding telehealth integrations like Vitalchat to our interactive platform is an important step in making sure healthcare organizations have the scalable and effective options they need to provide the best patient care.”

SONIFI Health is hosting a webinar on August 24 about their telehealth integrations, use cases and Vitalchat partnership. Click here to learn more and register for the webinar, “Inpatient telehealth: What to consider for your hospital’s strategy.”


About SONIFI Health

SONIFI Health provides interactive technology solutions proven to improve patient engagement, outcomes and staff productivity. The system is delivered across multiple technology platforms including mobile devices, televisions, computers and digital displays to enhance patient and family experiences while increasing hospital operational efficiencies. As part of SONIFI Solutions Inc., the company supports more than 500 million end user experiences every year. Learn more at

About Vitalchat
Vitalchat is a transformational telehealth software that effortlessly connects caregivers, patients and families using existing workflows on any commodity device at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. For more information, visit

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