Tools that Automate Workflow

SONIFI provides user-friendly tools that help nurses and staff control and monitor the Patient Engagement system in each patient room. From administrative and nursing dashboards, care teams can easily manage engagement and educational materials. Hospitals can also provide customized information such as additional services and how to support their foundations.


Leadership Reporting

Patient education videos can be assigned automatically based on conditions and medications in the patient’s EMR record. Education can also be assigned manually through the administration dashboard. These dashboards can also display completed education that is sent back to the EMR.

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Administrative Dashboard

The SONIFI Administrative Dashboard is a staff-facing, touch-screen monitor used by nurses, patient educators, and other hospital staff to quickly view details on individual patients at or near the point of care. This gives nurses and staff increased awareness of the patient’s engagement, satisfaction, and needs; while enabling more meaningful conversations with each patient.

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Hospital Services Promotion

SONIFI Health makes it simple to inform patients and visitors of the hospital’s additional services and departments.

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Service and Support

With over 200 nationwide field service technicians, SONIFI Health ensures quality service, efficient deployments, and on-site proactive monitoring and responsive support.

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