SONIFI developed an unmatched core competency for simplifying and perfecting the technology for the best patient experience possible. Operating within every possible wiring configuration, your hospital is in the most committed and knowledgeable hands in the industry.

Adapts to utilize existing cabling infrastructure

SONIFI Health significantly reduces costs normally associated with implementing a Patient Engagement System. One of the key areas we do this is by utilizing the existing cabling already found in most hospitals. While other systems require hundreds of thousands of dollars in new infrastructure development, SONIFI adapts to your current cabling – letting you retain more of your budget. The cabling systems we utilize include coaxial cable, twisted pair cabling (cat5/cat6), fiber optic cabling, or a combination of multiple cabling systems.


Rapid installation

Installation of new hardware components in each patient room can often be completed in minutes and typically introduces an immediate and noticeable enhancement to the patient experience prior to the subsequent remote activation of more advanced features and services. The physical installation phase of most implementations is completed within two to four weeks.


SONIFI Health is the most affordable and comprehensive Patient Engagement system due in part to our key technology advantages in implementation and system delivery.

Minimal patient and staff disruption

SONIFI carefully coordinates installation plans to occur in open and operating areas with minimal impact to patients, families, visitors and staff. SONIFI minimizes the number of visits to areas within the project site allowing for a far less intrusive or disruptive installation which also reduces costs.


Single point of contact for all technology pieces

SONIFI can provide installation, implementation and servicing on a wide scope of hardware and technology systems for hospitals. This gives hospitals one point of contact for projects and services which would normally require several products and companies. This also adds a high level of seamlessness to hardware and system integration which delivers optimal system performance.


Quality of implementation

SONIFI installation teams throughout the country have decades of experience with our system architecture, infrastructure design, and construction and television installation and configuration. Each installer has achieved strict certification and participates in continued education ensuring each installer is up to date on the latest hardware and technologies.