SONIFI Health provides your hospital with workflow and automation tools that better enable staff to focus more time on direct patient care and clinical tasks.

Measuring Patient Experience

Hospital executives know that it’s challenging to improve patient experience without measuring it. That’s why SONIFI Health has developed staff tools and patient applications that help the care team and administrators gain real-time understanding of patient satisfaction levels.

As a result, your staff can respond and fix issues before discharge; before it’s too late to address factors that influence HCAHPS ratings.


Real-time feedback enables real-time service repair
Survey questions that are related to HCAHPS rating factors can be presented to patients through the TV or a tablet as often as you choose. These automated, single-question surveys help ensure awareness among staff regarding each patient’s satisfaction. Care providers and other staff are then able to quickly respond and alleviate dissatisfaction issues.

Direct communications & service requests
SONIFI allows patients to easily submit requests through the TV or tablet for needs relating to their care, general questions or even requests for their room. Requests can be routed to staff in departments relative to the type of request such as nurse care, maintenance and housekeeping.


"The patient education videos on the SONIFI Health Interactive TV system are very informative, and allow our patients and families to digest complex medical information. The comprehension questions are helpful in demonstrating the patient’s understanding of the material presented."

Sharon Cusanza, MSN, RN, Director of Special Projects Ochsner Medical Center

Improving Patient Experience

The SONIFI patient engagement system helps develop a more patient-centric culture. The system incorporates familiar technology such as TV and tablet applications and adapt these tools to the patient environment. SONIFI Health helps hospitals deliver an environment that works best for the patient.

Patient Education: Integrated with the EMR for prescribed assignment, comprehension testing, and completion notifications for Meaningful Use reporting.

Meal Ordering: Ordering dietary orders electronically reduces time spent on manual orders and gives patients more control at the bedside.


Distraction therapy: Offers and automates movies, games, relaxation, spiritual content, and other options that help take the patient’s mind off of discomforts and anxiety.

Environmental Controls: Allows patients adjust their room temperature using bedside remote giving patients a greater sense of control while reducing risk of falls and saving nurses time.

Discharge Management: Delivers specific discharge instructions through the television or tablet to help simplify and automate the discharge process.

Pain Assessment: Wong-Baker FACES pain rating scale can be presented to patients at time intervals set by nurse and with EMR integration the patient response can be documented.

Affordable and Future-proof
The normal cost of these tools is dramatically reduced because SONIFI Health is able to implement everything using your current television and wireless infrastructure. Our tools require none of the expensive technologies that will become outdated in a few years.

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