SONIFI automates non-clinical nursing tasks and streamlines workflow, saving hours each day, allowing increased patient focus.

Nursing Executives and Staff

Studies demonstrate how SONIFI Health’s automation tools save nurses up to two hours per 12 hour shifts by streamlining the nursing-patient engagement process. These tools and methods have proven highly effective in eliminating non-clinical activities for nurses. As a result, nurses can devote more time to direct patient care which improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.

The SONIFI Health automated system delivers several care engagement resources through the nursing station computers and the patient TV or tablet device:


Nursing Dashboard: The touchscreen dashboard at the nurse’s station simplifies rounding by displaying everything from patient education consumption and communications to Patient Activation Measures (PAM) scores.

Patient Education: Integration with the EMR for prescribed education, comprehension testing and completion notifications help verify patients are adequately prepared for discharge.

Electronic Questionnaires: Save nurses and staff time from distributing, collecting and entering patient responses manually. Answering questions through the television or tablet allows patients to submit current needs and concerns which initiates the process of service recovery sooner.


"Nurses are saving up to 2 hours each 12 hour shift through automation patient education tools. This allows nurses more time to focus on other clinically-related responsibilities."

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Meal Ordering: Ordering meals from the tablet or television system gives patients more control at the bedside and saves time.

Patient Communications: Allows the patient to review everything about their stay, including information about their care team and their schedule.

Distraction therapy: Offers and automates movies, games, relaxation, spiritual content and music that help distract patients from their pain and anxiety.


Environmental Controls: Allows patients to adjust their room temperature at the bedside giving patients a greater sense of control while reducing the risk of falls. This also allows nurses to focus on clinical tasks.

Discharge Management: Delivers specific discharge instructions through the television or tablet to help simplify and automate the discharge planning process.

Pain Assessment: Wong-Baker FACES pain rating scale can be presented to patients at time intervals set by the nurse. The patient response can provide real time feedback to the nurse and be charted through EMR integration.


Affordable and Future-proof: The normal cost of these tools is dramatically reduced because SONIFI Health is able to implement everything using your current television and wireless infrastructure. Our tools require none of the expensive technologies that will become outdated in a few years.

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