SONIFI Health for CIOs and IT Executives

Improving patient engagement is increasingly important for hospitals to boost patient satisfaction levels and clinical outcomes, as well as to comply with Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. To accomplish this, CIOs and IT executives must determine if expensive infrastructure additions are needed to support their patient experience improvement initiatives, or if they can better leverage their existing infrastructure to achieve their goals.

Implementation Using Existing Infrastrastructure

CIOs and IT executives can avoid excessive costs traditionally associated with implementing a Patient Engagement System. Systems that help improve HCAHPS ratings and health outcomes don’t have to have an outrageous price tag. Improving patient engagement and satisfaction doesn’t necessarily entail adding enormous amounts of costly infrastructure. Much of the infrastructure that your hospital needs is most likely already in place. Most in-room televisions that are common at today’s hospitals can be adapted by SONIFI Health to become interactive patient engagement tools. These TVs can deliver educational materials and help patients better manage their hospital experience. The interactive technology also creates the foundation for next-generation patient-engagement strategies delivered via patient-owned tablet and smartphone devices.


Integration with Other Hospital Systems

Creating an efficient and interactive patient engagement environment requires accessing and sharing data stored from other systems within the hospital. These may include:

  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) systems
  • Dietary systems
  • Environmental controls
  • Multimedia and entertainment systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Patient scheduling systems

"The service we have received from SONIFI, not only as part of the initial implementation, but also as a collective innovative partner to further the services we provide to our patients, has been exceptional."

Kathi Cox, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

Hospital System Information Exchange

By exchanging information with other hospital systems, SONIFI Health can provide a customized experience for patients based on their conditions, treatments and more. For example, patients can navigate on-screen menus to view patient education materials ordered by clinicians. Additionally, patients can use their in-room TVs to register for the hospitals’ patient portal for easy access upon their return home, and also obtain details about their hospital stay, such as listing scheduled appointments (e.g., rehabilitation, etc.) and information about their clinicians.