SONIFI engagement tools integrate with your hospital’s systems and existing infrastructures to produce a patient-centered environment. These applications connect patients to hospital systems for increased visibility, control, and participation in their care. When your patients are more connected and have more control, they will have a better experience and your staff will have more time to provide the best clinical care.

EMR Systems

SONIFI utilizes data within hospital EMR systems such as EPIC, Cerner, Siemens and even customized systems to deliver personalized patient care regarding education, care team, orders and charting information. Patients receive assigned educational videos based on their specific condition and prescribed medications from the EMR. SONIFI then reports the completed patient education back to the EMR for documentation. SONIFI also accesses ADT data to coordinate instructions and ensure patients receive a personalized experience.


Environmental Controls

SONIFI integrates with building systems such as Siemens, Honeywell, TRANE and Johnson Controls to centralize automation and comfort for patients. SONIFI Environmental Controls allow patients to adjust their room temperature within a predefined range. When the patient is discharged, the room temperature automatically resets to the predefined temperature. Giving patients control over their room environment increases patient satisfaction, reduces the time nurses spend on non-clinical tasks, and reduces risk of patient falls.


Studies show that engaged patients will be more likely to live a healthy lifestyle, are better informed, more involved in their health care decisions and an advocate for his or her own safety.

Meal Ordering

SONIFI removes the manual tasks around meal ordering by connecting with systems such as CBORD, Morrison, Computrition and VST to allow ordering through a television or a tablet based on current dietary orders and predefined conditions, including allergies. Hospitals can reduce costs and save staff time by eliminating the need to print, deliver and collect paper menus. Providing dietary specific menus and nutritional limits through televisions and tablets ensure patients are compliant with diet orders and allergies.


Care Team

Connecting with EMR and Nurse call systems allows patients to view their current care team any time. Hospitals can specify what information is displayed for each provider such as name, photo, title and biography.



Integration with systems like Vocera allows patients to submit service requests from their TV or tablet. Requests are routed according to predefined rules to the appropriate staff. Dispatches can be sent on-demand by the patient, or requests can be automatically sent based on the patient’s answers to feedback questions regarding pain, insufficient education comprehension, or specific dissatisfaction issues. The system enables staff to quickly respond with help and initiate service recovery.