Patient Engagement across Continuum of Care

SONIFI Education Portal allows hospitals to deliver pre-admission and post-discharge reminders, information and video education through any web-based device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. Automated communications and continued patient education can support your efforts to improve patient satisfaction and reduce readmissions. Utilizing the Education Portal helps patients become more active in their care and supports hospitals in satisfying Meaningful Use requirements.


Patient and Caregiver Instruction and Education

Prior to admission, patients can view assigned education videos that help prepare them for their hospital stay. This ensures that patients and caregivers begin with a better understanding of their role in the entire care process. Pre-admission videos provide specific education and instructions based on the condition of the patient. These can include prescribed clinical videos, instructions on restricted diet before surgery, or reminders to bring documents and insurance cards.

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Patient Communications and Reminders

Communications and reminders can be sent to patients automatically based on presets from the EMR.

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EMR Portal Integration

Educational content and reminders for patients can be delivered through an existing EMR patient portal or through the SONIFI Education stand-alone portal.

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SONIFI Health can help you save up to $250k per year in printing costs by digitizing hospital information and using our system as a communication tool.