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Digital whiteboard solution delivers hospitals measurable benefits according to new SONIFI Health study

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LOS ANGELES (Feb. 5, 2019)—SONIFI Health released a study today documenting the overwhelming effectiveness of its digital whiteboard solution in an acute care setting. The cohort study conducted at a 100-bed hospital in Texas found that integrations with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and key hospital systems have transformed the digital whiteboard from being a marker-free novelty to a true workhorse solution. Far-reaching patient and staff benefits, and a positive return on investment in the first year, make this new technology a strong contender for healthcare leaders seeking high impact solutions available for immediate implementation.

Digital Whiteboards

Although one of the biggest advantages of an EHR-integrated solution is workflow efficiency, the study found that compared to a traditional whiteboard that requires hand-scribed updates, the digital solution provided advantages in each of the five measured categories:

  • Information Accuracy

EHR integrations resulted in improvements to information accuracy, completeness and consistency.

  • Staff Time Savings

Automated updates reduced the time needed to collect data, find markers, clean boards, and hand scribe information. Nearly nine hours of staff time a day was recovered per 22 bed-unit and reallocated to direct patient care.

  • Patient Satisfaction

Patients preferred the aesthetic of digital whiteboards and found the information trustworthy and easier to read than hand-written information.

  • Education Outcomes

Prominently displaying the status of assigned video education increased both assigning and completion rates.

  • Hospital ROI

Digital whiteboards provide a meaningful return on investment through longevity, low maintenance costs, efficiencies and outcome gains.


“SONIFI Health’s digital whiteboard is a model for hospital technology, doing a task better, faster, at less cost, with more connection between patients and staff,” said Meghan Seus, SONIFI Health’s Vice President of Product Marketing.

Read the complete digital whiteboard study with outcome metrics here.

SONIFI Health will be available during HIMSS19 in Orlando at booth #6168 to discuss the study and give product demonstrations.

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Digital Whiteboards save time and effort over traditional boards.