Keeping your clinical staff better informed results in better patient care


Interactive patient status board

Provide nurses, patient educators and other hospital staff quick access to individual patient data. Give nurses and staff an increased awareness of the patient’s engagement, satisfaction and needs, while enabling more meaningful conversations with each patient.

Nursing Dashboard

Real-time insights drive outcomes

SONIFI Health’s hospital dashboards display actionable patient data in real time to flag exceptions that require staff intervention, facilitating increased patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.

  • Education: View assignment progress
  • Nutrition: Review meal order status
  • Safety: Risk assessment surveys
  • Comfort: Open patient requests
  • Satisfaction: Feedback surveys

Monitoring current risk assessments and interactive patient scores, such as PAM, enables you to align better care resources for high-risk patients and reduces the likelihood of post-discharge complications and preventable readmissions.

Austin-Winberg-150 Austin Winberg Director of Clinical Outcomes, SONIFI Health

Analytics to measure & drive utilization

Utilization Insights

Automated reports make it easy to measure system-wide impact, identify areas for improvement & drive staff engagement


Analytics Capabilities

Export data for use in other programs, research studies & extended analytics


Analytics to Measure & Drive Utilization
Data Types

System reports are available for content utilization & patient activity, as well as data received from other systems such as meal ordering


Visually Compelling Dashboard

Organizes usage data into relevant visuals to highlight key insights

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