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March 26, 2019

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Being admitted to the hospital can be a very overwhelming experience. In fact, the whole inpatient experience can be scary.

Having to be away from your family and friends can leave you feeling lonely, anxious or just plain bored. An interactive patient engagement solution can assist patients with their concerns.

Condition and self-care knowledge

Patients want to understand their condition and how to care for themselves once they go home. Sometimes the patient is unable to be educated due to the extent of their illness or injury, in which case, the care givers need to be educated. The SONIFI Health solution makes education easy and accessible. The clinical staff can prescribe video education to explain your disease process, procedures and medications. These videos can be watched numerous times right on the television in the patient room or using a tablet. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, these videos can be available to review at home. Having information available at home can help ease the anxiety of caring for a wound, catheter or other medical device and assist with better understanding medications and illnesses.


Patients want to have some control while they are in the hospital. SONIFI Health allows for patients to order their meals, control the temperature of their room, request services directly or provide feedback on hospital initiatives. By ordering services in this way, the patient can discuss their needs with the service provider directly and not have to ask multiple people to get what they need. Having their voice heard by providing feedback, ensures hospital leadership can reach out to patients while they are still in the hospital.

Care team awareness

Frequently, patients voice concerns that they are unfamiliar with who everyone is that comes into their room. It can be difficult for patients to remember who the different hospital staff and caregivers are and what role they play in helping them get better. SONIFI Health’s solution allows patients to look up their individual care team—even seeing pictures, so they can put a name with a face. Also, there is a brief description of the service or role that each member provides in their care. This makes remembering everyone a little easier.

Comfort and distraction

Help with loneliness and boredom are also available on the interactive solution. Movies and television are perhaps the most frequently used features to help patients and caregivers pass the time. But sometimes patients just want their room to be peaceful. The relaxation channel provides nature videos along with the sounds to allow quiet time to calm and reflect. Spiritual content is available to assist with spiritual needs. Music options can provide a distraction and help quiet some of the noise that is inevitably present in a hospital.

Most people are a little uncomfortable being patients. Having an interactive solution offers patients a little more knowledge, control, and comfort in a difficult time.

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