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More, better communication: One impact of interactive patient engagement technology

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April 11, 2018

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Can interactive technology provide the simple, immediate communication experience patients desire and the positive influence care providers expect from patient engagement? Yes—it is designed for both users. More and better communication is a key component in the way interactive patient engagement systems are impactful.

More frequent communication

According to recent research, people spend nearly 3 or 4 hours a day on mobile devices.1, 2 The average person receives over 80 emails a day3 and while a far cry from the 128 texts per day in the 18-24 age bracket, even the 55+ age group averages 16 texts per day.4 These stats point out that most people are now used to receiving lots of communication every day and they have adjusted their expectations to more communication.

An interactive engagement system enables multiple device communication methods. This encourages more frequent contact with patients whether they are at home, a specialty clinic, or hospital bed. Portal and EMR integrations simplify multiple device management for providers and patients. There is consistent, persistent messaging in conveniently accessible formats.

Real-time feedback

Sometimes effective communication is simply the sharing of information in a manner that is easy and minimally disruptive. Consider a car’s low fuel indicator. The small light and chime alerts the driver to make a plan for refueling, but it does not stop the car from operating along its current path. Interactive patient engagement technology shares real-time feedback and information to help manage patient needs quickly and efficiently.

Submitting pain scale data or patient requests electronically through the TV allows them to be viewed on a mobile device or quickly filtered to appropriate respondents. Patients don’t have to worry about bothering their nurses with nonemergency requests and nurses know in real time which patients are uncomfortable and may need attention sooner.

Informed conversation

Patients want to make good, informed decisions about their health. Research shows rising trends in patients looking online for information and advice on their medical conditions.5

Continuous access to interactive education creates informed patients able to have meaningful discussions. Patients can view materials when they feel comfortable and alert. It also offers the ability to review frequently and learn at a preferred pace using a preferred language. Patients and those involved in their care can have better, more informed discussions.

An interactive patient engagement system provides more communication opportunities and better, more meaningful communication for shared health decisions.

SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solutions have shown measurable results in communication scores.


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