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SONIFI Health to Deliver OpenPlacement Care Transition Information

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Nov. 8, 2017) — SONIFI Health and OpenPlacement announced their partnership to make care transition easier for SONIFI Health customers using OpenPlacement’s Patient Choice platform. This partnership connects patients and care providers with the information they need to simplify the care transition process for all.

OpenPlacement provides real-time information and selection tools to help patients and caregivers identify appropriate care providers to transition to post-discharge. It offers a personalized list of choices that meet the needs of the individual based on the type of care needed (skilled nursing, home health, hospice, assisted living and more) as well as availability, cost, and other patient preferences.

OpenPlacement will be integrated with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solutions, so that patients and their families at participating SONIFI Health hospitals have the opportunity to access and review transition care options, including descriptions, video, photos and reviews. They can rank top choices and connect with care providers conveniently from the hospital bed. The service is currently available free of charge to SONIFI Health customers.

“It is extremely important to both patients and care providers that transitional care planning be done well,” said Justin Usher, CEO of OpenPlacement. “Pairing our service with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement solution makes finding transitional care for patients, their families, and healthcare providers easier and more efficient.”

“Offering OpenPlacement melds with SONIFI Health’s desire to impact patient experience, health outcomes, and hospital productivity,” says Bob Sullivan, General Manager of SONIFI Health. “We can make a difficult decision process less complicated for patients and their families while advancing the discharge process for hospitals and care providers—this leads to fewer avoidable days and patients being more satisfied as they move to what’s next in their care.”

About SONIFI Health
SONIFI Health delivers interactive technology proven to improve patient experience, health outcomes and hospital productivity. The system is delivered across multiple technology platforms including mobile devices, computers and televisions at the bedside and in the home to improve patient and family experience while increasing hospital operational efficiencies. For more information, visit

About OpenPlacement
OpenPlacement engages patients and families in the care transition process with real-time information and tools so they can qualify post-acute and long-term care providers. Through its website and mobile application, OpenPlacement helps patients and families select the right provider for their post-acute needs to make care transitions easy.

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