SONIFI Health delivers interactive information and entertainment through the television or tablet that helps to reduce patient anxiety and increase patient comfort. As a result, patients become more receptive to education and more likely to engage in meaningful conversations with their care teams.

Set Expectations

Prior to admission, patients and families access information through the web portal helping them understand their roles in the care process. This allows them to better prepare for treatment and help ensure positive health outcomes.


Expand and Streamline Communication with Staff

Through devices such as tablets and TVs, patients can easily view their schedule and care team, send real-time feedback, complete surveys, order meals, submit pain levels and much more. These additional communication opportunities for the patient create an environment where patients are more receptive to education and more likely to engage in meaningful conversations with their care teams.


SONIFI helps hospitals enhance the patient-provider relationship through focusing on the needs of both patients and providers. As a result, patients are better informed about their condition and can play a more active part in their care.

Keep Patients, Families, and their Care Providers Informed

Patient education can be automatically prescribed based on the patient’s condition. The system guides patients to participate in specified educational and care activities. The video education is delivered in a familiar, preferred format and at a level suitable for the patient. As a result, patients will be better prepared and feel more confident in continuing care after discharge.


Empowers Patients to Actively Engage in their Care

Empowering patients through education on their condition and medications, and providing them with communication tools, allows them to take on more responsibility in their care and recovery. This is accomplished by educating patients prior to admittance, during their stay, and after discharge for better guidance through their recovery stages. Patients are also able to communicate through televisions or tablets in the room, or through the portal at home to provide feedback and ask questions.


Distraction Therapy to Help with Pain Management

SONIFI Health automates and simplifies the delivery of distraction tools such as movies, games, relaxation therapies, spiritual content, white noise and more. These tools help distract the patient from pains and anxieties.